Morning mummies wherever you are in this World!

This is my first post! Like many things… I start and never finish! I hope I will continue to keep my blog up to date, and write lot’s of fun and exciting posts!
Would you like to know who this mommy is? I am a Canadian who has been living in Dubai for nearly five years. I arrived in Dubai single, and shortly after met my husband-to-be at work! We then had our little daughter (who is two years of age), and I am currently pregnant, expecting our next bundle of joy in April! Please feel free to share with me who you are/where you are from
I have just arrived home from dropping off my mom at the airport…I hate saying goodbye to family! No more delicious meals served up at any time of the day, warm cup of tea ready for the moment I wake up in the morning, sleeping in while my mom watches over the rug rat! Ugh, back to reality!
On the plus side…or is it? My husband is off work today! Which is a bitter sweet thing with me =) One extra helping hand…however another mouth to feed, clean up after, and moan at! I better let you know before you begin to either love or hate me, that I am a bit of an OCD person! Everything has to be “just so” with me!
Anyway, a few weeks back had a special going on for “Little Explorers” in Mirdif City Centre. Regular entry price is 130 dirham, and we snagged it at 65 dirham! Gotta love a bargain! I have been dying to take my “explorer” since she turned two a few months ago (which is the minimum age to enter). With that said, I get to put my feet up and relax while the two of them let off some steam! Never mind… I am busy starting my blog hehe! Best part is that when they get home, it will be her nap time and I can sleep a few more hours! I have been so tired lately! (No, I do not have the luxury of a live in maid/nanny. I do not really see the point since I am not back at work.) After her nap, I will take her back for some more play (solo). This way my husband will have some alone time to study for his upcoming exam. The voucher is an all day pass, so we may as well get our dirhams worth!
Next up on my list…I have been thinking lately that I need to get my gears in motion for Christmas! So I have started a little board on Pinterest with some ideas for the munchkin! Who cares about the other family members, Christmas is all about kiddies! Just kidding! But have a peek if you are interested in some cute Christmas ideas, and gift ideas for a toddler girly! I also heard on the radio (Dubai 92) this morning that Ikea has all it’s Christmas deco out on display! I always love the festive bits and bobs they sell! So tomorrow I will venture off to Festival City to gather my “supplies” (gift wrapping being number one). I told my husband this morning, and he just rolled his eyes…And not the Fifty Shades kinda way. Annoyed. He hates when I buy “junk”.
Let you know later how my daughter enjoyed herself at Little Explorers! Enjoy your day lovely ladies!

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