CLIPS galore!

This hidden gem can be found in “Etihad Mall”, just off of Airport Road near to Mirdif. Opposite of Union Co Op you will find a little kiosk called “Bangkokiat”!

“Bangkokiat” has lot’s and lot’s of fun clips and bits to pick from (and very reasonably priced).

Here are some of my finds:

-Clips: New born (pack of 3) for 5 AED, regular clips (pack of 2) 6 AED, and 10 AED for the larger sized ones

-Headbands: 15 & 20 AED

-Hair elastics: 6 & 10 AED

-Bunny ring, which I gave to my little girl after picking her up from play school today 25 AED (a little on the pricier side, but I could not resist! I have never seen such a tiny little ring before!)

-Angel ring 40 AED (pardon me for my awful un-manicured nails!)

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