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I went to use my last three services from a voucher I purchased a few months back on Cobone. It was for “Be Yourself Spa” in Tecom… Yes, I sure left feeling like I could “be myself”. All I want to do right now is get a baseball cap (too bad I sold all of them at the flea market this past weekend) and hide from EVERYONE! I asked for a short fringe, yes I did! But I did not ask for a fringe that would look like my daughter took a bowl and butchered my hair as she cut it! I also asked for one inch off my previously shoulder length hair, which is now at my chin… UGH. Oh well, I guess luckily for me, I usually wear my hair up so it’s not THAT big of deal, and yes my fringe will likely grow out really fast! But the icing on the cake was the woman working at reception! SO rude! The first time I made an appointment a few months back, I went to do waxing, drove ages to get there, only to find out the woman who was incharge of waxing was sick that day! LOVELY! She could not call to inform me? My mom had also gone for a Moroccan bath that same day, and was literally bleeding after her “treatment”. When I was leaving today, the reception woman told me, you owe us 150 AED! I was like WHAT? WHY? Because you colored your hair, and if it is below your shoulders, then you have to pay (it wasn’t!). Of course I had to ask for the manager, and argue…which I hate doing, and they acted like they were doing me a big favor “only this time, next time not allowed”! Well sorry to say, but there will not be a next time hehe! Thanks to Rashelle on my FB page, and her recommendation for future reference! Will def be jotting down the details and saving it for my following haircut, which will happen in… let’s just say a LONG time from now!

Consider yourself warned!

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  1. Dubai Bridezilla
    July 17, 2014 at 7:17 am (6 years ago)

    Thank you for sharing!

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