Review: Caffe Nero “Babycinos”

Have you been to “Monday’s Sobhiya”? It’s from 10 am to 2 pm each week at Mirdif City Centre! They have lot’s of specials going on!

One of my favourite specials is at “Caffe Nero”!

Purchase any drink and receive a free “Babycino” for your little one, and a biscotti of choice (almond, or chocolate). What a deal! The biscuits alone are valued at 12 AED!

Curious what a “Babycino” is? It’s the latest rage taking over coffee shops in places like North America, and Australia. And now DUBAI =)

A “Babycino” is a warm frothed milk beverage (with no coffee, thank goodness, not like mine needs any!) topped of with chocolate powder/chocolate flakes!

I absolutely adore the baristas (Judy & Sanoj) at the MCC location (across from the cinema). They are soooo kind and friendly (but not over the top, just perfect!). LO dropped her drink shortly after getting it, and they were nice enough to make her a fresh one!

Check out my little girl going to town on hers!

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