Review: Little Explorers

As promised here is my review of my experience at “Little Explorers” in Mirdif CC!

Shortly after my daughter woke up from her nap (extra grumpy) we packed up our things and headed off to the mall for some more play time!

I would have to say, that overall we had a pleasant experience! I would however recommend it for a slightly older age bracket. There was one boy having his fifth birthday party, and all of the children were having a blast, so I think I would target it for that age group. My little girl also had fun, but we were limited as to what she could play with/reach. She really enjoyed the large car in the back of one of the rooms (my husband is so proud of this!), the water station (which she ended up soaking wet, and needed an outfit change), and the maze.

As for value, I would not spend 130 dirham for a full priced ticket; I think it is way overpriced. However I would go back again if Cobone offered another 65 dirham special!

The staff was not exactly the most pleasant of people, but then again…I am pregnant and everything seems to be annoying me these days!

My little one wanted so badly to play in the “workspace”station and make a craft. Apparently you have to pay extra! I can’t imagine buying a ticket for 130 dirham and on top of that having to pay extra!
I also noticed a few of the “toys” were broken, and again, if I were paying the full ticketed price I would be a little disappointed.

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