Review: Posh Paws Animal Sanctuary & Petting Farm

This late afternoon, before the sun began to set, LO and I drove over to Posh Paws. We have been previously, but this time we were able to take our time (left the dog at home, who was a “little” hyper the last time!). Speaking of our dog, how wonderful that they allow you to bring along your pets! No place in Dubai allows dogs!

Very near to the Khawaneej Municipality Vet, up a dirt road, you will find the petting farm! It is free of charge, however donations are greatly appreciated. You will find all sorts of animals (mainly ones who have been saved from previously horrible living conditions). Rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoise, ducks, chickens, baboons, cows, deer, goats, donkeys, ponies, iguanas, birds! LO loves it when I take her! The only thing that is a bit annoying is the flies! But what can you do, I guess it’s that time of year!

I can’t give enough praise to the owner Laura who set all of it up. The woman is so hard working and does everything from her heart. I must mention, that all of the men who work there are also extremely kind and sweet!

*Did you know they sell farm fresh eggs from the chickens and ducks! Can’t get any more organic then that! I wanted to buy some today but ran out of cash! Next time!

Posh Paws can also bring the petting farm to your home! We hired them for my daughter’s first birthday party! It was such a great time for all the babies AND adults! You probably know me well enough by now that I LOVE my bargains! 500 AED. You can’t go wrong!

Lastly, in October, we went away for a few days and needed somewhere to keep our dog. They recently opened a new kennel in Ajman! Our dog “Minta” had a really nice time! I believe we paid roughly 70 AED per day, which is really not bad at all! (Are you wondering what the heck does Minta mean? LO chose it! It derives from makeup in German, which I will need to clarify with my husband!)

Check out “PoshPaws Animal Sanctuary/ Kennels and Cattery” on Facebook for more info and directions! I hope you enjoy yourself at the petting farm!

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