Glucose Test!

Its a routine…all preggo mommy’s have to do it… The lovely glucose test! Well it was my time early is AM! I put it on hold for over two weeks, and after seeing my doctor yesterday, i promised her i would go today! I could not back out! I set my alarm for 7am, and had to peel myself out of bed as I could hear the soft snoring from my warm and fuzzy daughter stuck to me like a sardine (I have yet to find the energy to sleep train her back to her own bed…next week). And my husband all comfy in his own nook on the other side of our large bed, oblivious that our daughter even snuck in at 5am demanding for more milk. The bugger has been drinking almost 1liter of camels milk through the night…enough is enough!

I had to hit snooze on my alarm, and fell back asleep. Something woke me (luckily) so I had a bit of a late start at 7:15am. I quickly rushed out of bed, washed my face, brushed my teeth, applied moisturizer on my face, changed, and was good to go! Traffic was minimal, and I arrived at City Hospital a few minutes after 7:30am.

I was the only one waiting at the lab to draw blood, so they took me straight in. I was also asked to do a liver function test, and bile acids as I have been suffering from major itching issues all over my body. Hopefully those come back clear!

Once the blood was drawn, and my sugar levels were determined “normal”, I had to drink the nasty orange stuff! The first few sips went down half decently, I am sure I have had worse at ladies nights in my past “life”. Then the sweet burn starts…you want to hurl! It’s overly sweet like those cheap no name soft drinks. I remember them from Walmart back home something by the name of “Chubby” but without the bubbles! Ugh! I tried my best to chug it down as fast as I could! I managed to under the 5 minute allowance time. I think I did it in 2! Better to get it over and done with FAST!

Holding my orange drink like it was poisonous!

Then another two hours of waiting…the worst bit is that you have to fast in order to be able to do the glucose test. I had my last snack at 11pm last night, and no breakfast this AM. No biggie right? This would never be an issue for me, but being pregnant, I need to eat in the morning! Its torture! Little one was throwing left and right hooks, I think he/she was really hungry too!

 I opened a book I started reading a few months ago, and tried to find the page where I last stopped reading it. After about 20 pages, I was ready for a snooze. I half embarrassingly decided to spread out on two seats in the waiting area (which was empty). I started to feel dizzy, and a bit weird. I was half sleeping, when suddenly a really nice nurse came out and offered me a bed inside! WOW never had that happen to me before. I was so grateful I said YES PLEASE! What a treat! The next 1.5 hours went by rather quickly!

After the 2 hour mark, blood was drawn again, and I was sent on my merry way home! But before I went home I found something to EAT!

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