Treats from “Tim Hortons”: Timbits!

Being a Canadian, it is always fun for me to go to Tim Hortons in Dubai, reminds me of back home! It is a Canadian coffee shop that has recently become extremely popular here in the UAE. I am also big sucker when it comes to donuts! And I love “Timbits”, which are miniature donut balls! I treated my daughter this afternoon to a mini box-10 Timbits for 9AED! They also sell them in larger quantities. I always mean to pick up a box when we are invited to a playdate but end up forgetting or get side tracked! Next time!

Hands off my Timbits!

Tim Hortons in the new J3 Mall on Al Wasl Road
Can’t wait to eat my Timbits!
Timbits in all their glory!
Can’t catch me! She is on a mission with her Timbits box!


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