DIY Chalkboard Frames

I made these a while back and always get compliments on them, so I thought I would share with you one of my favourite DIY crafts for the home!


Very simple!
Go to “Dragon Mart” and find one of those tacky gold frame shops (there are LOT’S!). Bargain with them! I think I paid around 30 AED each (from what I remember).
Have any old paint cans left at home? Use them up! OR go to your local paint shop and pick up some cheapy cheapy paint! Check in the section where they sell the faulty paint batches, you may find something you like for half the price!
I got my paint from ACE (one time I used oil base which was really nice, and the second time around regular paint but found it chipped off a bit), as well as the following materials:
  • Black chalkboard paint in a spray can (if you made my previous DIY project for the activity table, then you should have some left over for this).
  • Smooth piece of wooden board you will find this in the hardware section, roughly 15 AED a board. Bring it to the cutting section (with your frame) and have them cut it so it will fit perfectly in the back of your frame.
  • Do you have a good staple gun at home? Ask your hubby! If not pick one up! Always good to have one anyway! And my husband just loved helping me with this part!
Once you have all your materials GO HOME 🙂
Now for the fun part!
  1. Paint your frame
  2. Spray your boards with chalkboard paint (a good two even coats)
  3. Once your board(s) and frame(s) are dry, staple the boards to the back of your frames
  4. Ready for hanging!
  5. Don’t forget to write something cute on your frame!
I have a giant one I made in off-white that hangs over our dining table with “Welcome”. And the three in my daughter’s room (pictured above) have a saying on each from the movie “The Help”.


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