Event: Johnson & Johnson Beauty 101

This morning I was invited to an exclusive showcase of selected Johnson & Johnson beauty brands at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

 They had Five different stations:

  1. Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream“. Two ladies were on hand giving arm massages using this lovely cream. Of course I indulged in a little TLC! How could you turn down a free massage?
  2. Johnson’s Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes“. A makeup artist was giving tips on what to use the wipes for (besides makeup removal, have you ever thought to use them for cleaning your makeup application brushes? Genius!).
  3. Neutregena” skin analysis station with a lovely dermatologist offering tips and advice on skincare. She tested my skin, and I was surprised to hear I have dry skin!
  4. Clean & Clear” where I spoke to one of the reps about the new line of “Morning Energy” facial cleansers. She recommended with my dry skin to use the “Skin Energizing Daily Facial Wash”.
  5. Lastly, a “photo booth” where a photographer was there to snap your picture and give you a copy to take home! He was so sweet and wanted to get one of my bump, so he gave me two =)
They also had a lovely selection of breakfast goodies, and my favourite…Patchi chocolates!
I was unable to stay long as I was not feeling 100% and had to get home to my daughter. But I really enjoyed learning about these products which have been around forever! I remember as a teen I always used to use Clean & Clear and Neutrogena! Was fun to be reintroduced to the new versions they now carry!

Here is what I got to take home in my goody bag =)






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