Pregnancy: What It Feels Like At Week 38 & 39

I would have to say up until my 30-ish weeks of being pregnant I did not suffer that much! Much luckier 2nd time around! BUT now that I am approaching the finish line…things are not so pleasant! Anyone else want to share how they are feeling? Similar aches and pains?
Here we go!
  1. Swelling! Legs & feet!
  2. Leg cramps in the night. They get so stiff I want to cry!
  3. Dizziness/hypertension! Hits me anytime of day! Makes me feel like I am going to die. I get claustrophobic, my heart races, I feel pale, shaky, and hot.
  4. Loss of patience/temper…some may say “take a chill pill”! What is wrong with these people!
  5. Feeling gross! Nothing fits, lack of clothing options, makes me want to not leave the house!
  6. Forgetful
  7. Hemorrhoids…it gets the best of us! Not cool at all! Can’t believe I even shared this one haha
  8. Thirsty, thirsty! Especially in the night…which means MORE frequent trips to the loo!
  9. Indigestion!
  10. Feeling of being SO full…but yet I still sneak in a few sweets here and there when I know I am on the brink of putting on too much weight. Makes me feel icky about myself all over again
  11. Anxiety! Will the baby be healthy, WHEN will my water break/will I go into labor? Do I have everything I need packed? Will I manage the pain of labor? I am ready for this baby…but not for the laboring part! My husband is on another three day trip…will he miss the birth of his son? Who will watch my daughter if he is not here and I need my mom in the delivery room…To sum it up= big bag of nerves!
  12. Extreme difficulty of getting sleep! Getting up to pee every hour, not able to find a comfortable sleeping position. Baby is always pressing into my ribs also making it hard to breathe. Feeling extra hot in the night. Anxiety thinking of all the things mentioned in #11!


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