Breastfeeding-What To Expect The First Few Days

With my daughter back in 2010 I had major issues establishing nursing… Lack of research led me to believe by day 5 I had no milk (which is not true, your milk can take a week to come in). Which led to me supplement with formula. Luckily I contacted a midwife towards the time my daughter was a month old and managed to get most of my milk back. I nursed her until she was nine months old, but with much difficulty.
I guess sometimes you need to make mistakes in order to learn. At least I had the knowledge this time around!
As soon as your baby is born try to establish breastfeeding within the first hour. The nurses/midwives at the hospital are usually very nice and will be willing to help you! I know at American Hospital they were great! Yes, I needed help even after having a second baby!
The first day is pretty easy and not very painful! They are very sleepy the day they are born, but it is important to feed every three hours. The second day my little one did a lot of what they call “cluster feeding”. He stayed on my breast for long periods of time nibbling away. I started to apply nipple butter from Earth Mama Angel Baby straight from the get go to avoid cracked and bleeding nips! By the third day my breast were feeling fuller/hard as my milk was starting to come in. Feeding stayed the same, cluster feeds! By day four he was feeding off of both breasts (more hungry). Day five my milk was in. From week one to now (three weeks old today) he feeds normally in the daytime (roughly every 2-3 hours) but evenings I cannot get one wink of sleep as he just stays on my breast the ENTIRE night…I hope this will end soon!
Breastfeeding is not always easy, but I am doing it because it is the best and most natural thing my little guy can get! It also gives us that special bonding time together. Not to mention three weeks post baby and I am 6 kg away from my original weight! If only you would have seen me last time after having my daughter! It took me over one year to shed 25+ kg!


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