Having a C-Section-What it Feels Like

What’s it feel like? I tried not to think about it as my dressing gown was lifted to my chest and a team of people started disinfecting and prepping the surgical area where they would be cutting. The anesthesiologist took a spray can and tested areas to see if I could still feel anything. I wanted it over and done with! By that point I was well over being 20 hours in labor and after hearing the devastating news that I could not delivery naturally and stuck at 9cm dilated I was over it! I had a “curtain” draped over my face so I thankfully could not see a thing! Unless I looked at the reflection in the light above me (which I could not resist a couple of times, yuck!). I tried to lock eyes with my husband as he held my left arm reassuring me and asking if I was okay. I felt tugging and pulling and I could hear cutting and sawing…suddenly there was one great big pull and I felt almost a suction release as our beautiful boy was out and born into the world! I cried and cried! The moment had finally come! My husband jumped up and started taking pictures. Dr. Branch quickly showed me our boy and I felt such joy and relief. He was safe at last! They placed him on my chest and I gave him a kiss. They quickly took him away and they began to stitch up my stomach. It felt like it took a century! I wanted out of there! I wanted to be sitting in bed holding my new baby boy! My husband cut the cord and quickly followed the midwife to the nursery as Nate was cleaned up.

After the c-section I was violently shaking and trying not to throw up more. I had a stiff neck from the shakes! My teeth were chattering and hands uncontrollably flailing around! Finally after 10am I was back in my room anxiously waiting to cuddle this baby! I still felt icky, but once I saw him I was on cloud nine! My daughter came in shortly after to see me (I had not seen her in two days) it was a great moment.

That day I felt moderate pain but not extreme. Day 2…a whole other story! I could not get out of bed to even pee (they removed my catheter evening of day 1). I cried as I asked for help out of bed. I needed meds! The ding dong nurse offered me panadol, I just about told her off! That early afternoon, my doctor came to see me and I told her how I was in pain and she asked why I was not taking something stronger. She left a note for the nurse to give me something else, and shortly after I was feeling mildly better!

Day 3 I FINALLY managed to pull myself out of bed on my own to shower. Ahhh I felt like a new woman! But as the day progressed, by late evening I felt like I was back at day 2! The most annoying thing about the pain was not having the ability to freely pick up my baby and move around with him. I often had to call for help. Even nursing him hurt me. Not only was my uterus contracting back but the pressure of his body on my stomach killed me! The stitching area throbbed, pulsed and hurt like hell! The annoying nurse (the type who comes in every 10 minutes for something stupid never letting me sleep) removed my bandage that night.

Day 4 My sleep was average. Considering I had slept upright for four days. I was unable to recline my bed otherwise my stitches would hurt. I could not sleep on my side either from the pain. So the whole day/night I was left sitting upright! I also felt incredibly groggy this day. My eyes hurt and voice was crackly. Really crampy down there too like I had my period.

By the time I got home on day 5 I was still not well. The pain continued over the following week, and still now nearly one month post-surgery I am not 100%. It hurts when I go to the bathroom, when I sneeze…I don’t remember such immense pain when I had my first cesarean! 

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