Lunch At Anna Oma’s! Payerbach-Austria

Austria…I have a love/hate relationship with you! Each time I come to visit, I gain so much weight! 3kgs and counting!!!! Anna Oma, who is my daughter and son’s great grandmother (grandmother to my husband) is one of the best cooks I know! Thanks to her, I packed on another few kgs! We went to visit her during the week for a massive lunch! She lives in Payerbach, which is a pretty little village nestled in the mountains of lower Austria.  To give you an idea of what traditional food we chowed down on I have included some pictures of the feast!

Frittatten Soup for starters!

Both great grandmother’s having lunch!

Gulasch and noodles!

Rouladen and more noodles!

Getting full!

Trying to feed Ruby while the train passes by! Look at the view!
Ruby is eating Grammel Knoedl!
Dessert! Austria’s BEST Apfelstrudel!
After our gigantic lunch we needed some fresh air and a good walk! It was really chilly and windy out! The forest was so scenic, and Ruby loved eating the wild baby strawberries! Nate was safe and snuggly in my Baby Hawk wrapped in a giant fuzzy blanket!

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