Holiday: Lunch at Louannes Famous Fries (Canada Day Part 2)

As mentioned in my Part 1 post of our Canada Day activities, we finished off the day with a “typical” Canadian lunch!

Usually I can only have my “poutine” when I visit Montreal (which consists of a five hour car ride). Thankfully my parents came across this little roadside chip wagon spot a few years back, saving us the massive journey! Poutine is sooo good! It is made with fresh hand cut fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Good thing I can only have it so seldom, otherwise I would look like a chip wagon!

We also ordered a portion of “newfie fries” which is the same as poutine but with turkey stuffing. Yes…deadly combo! But oh so yummy!

My daughter had a “pogo stick” which is a hot dog coated in cornmeal and deep fried!

And there you have it! A very “Canadian style” lunch, for a very special Canada Day!

Louanne’s is located in Halton Hills, Ontario. 9989 Trafalgar Road (10 sideroad) Photobucket

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