Fredi Kinderschuhe-What to Look For When Buying 1st Pair of Walking Shoes

I never miss a shopping trip to Fredi’s whenever I visit Vienna!
The shop owner is like a shoe doctor for kids! He skillfully measures your child’s foot, goes in the back of his quaint little shop, rummages through a treasure trove of shoe boxes and each time comes out with the perfect pair of shoes!
I asked him what us mom’s should look for when purchasing our child’s “first pair of walking shoes”…
Here is what he said to look for:
  • Take one size bigger (ie. if your child is a size 19, take a 20)
  • Find a shoe with a higher ankle support
  • Make sure the ankle support is firm and wraps around the heel
  • The front/middle of the shoe should be flexible
For older children, you need not to worry as much. It is still a good idea to follow the above recommendations, however take TWO sizes bigger. My daughter is a 22 and should wear a 24.
If you are ever in Vienna, do make sure to stop at Fredi’s for a perfect fitting. He only sells top of the line Austrian/German shoes and the quality speaks for itself.

Reumannplatz 19, 1100 Vienna, Austria
+43 664 9942015


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