Craft: Flowers in Your Hair!

The last time I made a crown of flowers was with my Babcia (Grandmother) when I was realllly little.
The other day I saw heaps of wild daisies and decided to braid one for my daughter (super easy to make!).
  1. Pick as many daisies as you can find =) At least 20!
  2. Make sure you remove all the leaves from the stems
  3. Start braiding (similar to a french braid)
  4. As you braid each strand, add one more flower as you go!
  5. When you think it is long enough, measure it around the circumference of whoever will be wearing it (to be sure you have the perfect length/fit!)
  6. Cut the ends
  7. Secure it tightly with fishing wire (or any other type of cord/string) and voila!
A very easy, and quick flower crown for a special princess!


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