Venue Review: St. Jacobs Market-Ontario, Canada

It has become a family tradition for the past few years to visit St. Jacobs Market whenever I am in town. It is one of my favourite places in Ontario to be too!
Just outside the village of St. Jacobs lays a massive indoor and outdoor market (Canada’s LARGEST farmers market!). Definitely a real Canadian site to see and explore!

Here you will see old order Mennonite farmers selling their products, not a common site to see everyday, right? I think it is so great that this culture of people are still around this day and age living the way they do! They actually make up to 20-30% of the market. Typically these people do not believe in the use of technology. They are very much a community and do not want to destroy it by bringing in modern day technology and electricity. They do not drive vehicles. And they dress very simple following their belief that a person’s true worth does not lie in their clothes or appearance.  Their distinctive look consists of straw hats or bonnets, and plain dresses or pants. You can read more about them here {Mennonites}.

The boy below is following the simple way of dressing:
Pony rides are a must for my daughter at $5 a pop. The selection of fresh fruit and veg are something I really enjoy. It’s great to be able to buy locally from hard working Ontario farmers. Other things you can shop for are baked goods,  an abundance of cheese and meats, handmade crafts (the quilts are my fav), Canadian honey/maple syrup, and tons more! You can even spot reasonably priced antique furniture! It is really just so much fun to spend a whole afternoon walking around taking in all the sites and smells!

Each time after we finish shopping (and ruby has had her pony ride) we sit down on a picnic bench and have a bite to eat. The vast array of food to pick from is endless!

Another neat thing to do/see at the market is to go visit an old order Mennonite farm. This is done on a horse carriage! On this trip you even have the option of buying products direct from the farmer’s wife! Cool eh? The guide also tells you traditions of the old order Mennonite’s which is interesting to hear!


Another plus is that it is free to enter, and so is the parking!

The market is open:
  • Tuesday Summer Market 8 am – 3 pm  until August 27
  • Thursday and Saturday 7 am – 3:30 pm all year


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