Venue Review: 2013 Shrine Circus-Oakville, Ontario

For the past week the little one has been asking us non-stop “when are we going to the circus?”! We were all so very excited (Ruby, my parents and I)! Can you believe I have never been to a circus before? It was a first for the kids and I! And most importantly, we had a blast!

The Annual Shrine Circus is one of the largest fraternal events sponsored by the Shriners. What is a Shriner? Founded in 1872, it is a fraternity of close to 575,000 members all the way from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Panama! These men have helped to fund 22 Shriners Hospital for Children, 18 orthopaedic hospitals, three burn hospitals and one hospital that provides orthopaedic, burn and spinal cord injury care. These hospitals have helped over 600,000 children! Not to mention they do not charge the children or parents in need! The first Shriners Hospital opened in 1922! What an amazing bunch of people! Here is “Steve” a member of the Shrine fraternity with my daughter Ruby!

Did you know that this year is a really special year for the Shrine Circus? The Zerbini family, produced by Tarzan Zerbini is celebrating their 250th anniversary! The Zerbini Family Circus began back in 1763 in Paris, France! Ten generations of Zerbinis have since travelled the globe showcasing their talents! My little ones, parents and I were lucky enough to have experienced this spectacle over the weekend! We arrived roughly 30 minutes prior to the show starting. Luckily we found some good seats towards the front of the stage! I was surprised, because the line outside was massive and a winding one to boot! AND the show was sold out!  Once we secured our places, mom, Ruby and I went to get some snacks while Nate and my dad held down the fort:) Ruby wanted popcorn and a corn dog! Thank goodness! I couldn’t think of anything more dreadful than her eating a giant bag of cotton candy…sugar high hahaha! We had a bit of remaining time left so she had her face painted. The snacks cost us- $7CDN for popcorn and $5CDN for the corn dog. Face painting $5. They even had elephant rides for the kids!

Nate was so well behaved, he even napped during the madness of a circus!

The show started a bit after 4:00pm, but once it got going it was great! First act was tigers! The LARGEST exotic cat act in the world with ten tigers!  Really amazing what those trainers have taught them! We then had a bit of a break with a clown who came out and entertained the crowd while the stage was being prepared for the trapeze artists. I personally am not a fan of clowns! I find them a bit cheesy, so waiting for this guy to finish was never ending haha! The rest was fab! The Zerbini performing Elephants was by far my fav! I also really enjoyed the Liberty Equestrian Horses act! Just check out the pictures below to see most of the acts I was able to snap (aerial artistry, juggling, two boys on unicycles, an acrobatic lady, and more). Don’t you just love those sparkly/glittery outfits the acrobatics wear? I have always found them to be so beautiful and mesmerizing!  Around 6pm we had an intermission break, and the show finished shortly after 6:30pm.The circus is one place where it all brings out our inner child! What a great family outing! 


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