Mommy of the Week!

Originally from California, USA-Julianne is the 1st brave mamma to be featured here as “Mommy of the Week”! Yay!

Isn’t she just beautiful?  She is a freelance makeup artist and stay at home mommy to her *almost* 3 year old gorgeous daughter!
They live in Marina and spend a lot of time hanging out at the beach, being beach babes! The playground and pool is another popular hangout for the two girls! Being a makeup artist she is also super artsy and shares these fun talents with her little one (painting, coloring, doing each others makeup).  Mommy loves a good workout! Her new addiction is “Fly Barre”. She is also into healthy eating. Her skin is radiant and you can clearly tell she takes care of herself. You go mamma! Julez (her nickname for short) has a mean sense of style! She studied fashion in L.A. Yes she knows everything about being beautiful! Do not envy her though…because she is the kindest soul you will EVER meet! A TRUE beauty inside and out! Julianne is one of the very first mommy friends I met in Dubai after my daughter was born. We connected at a La Leche League meeting in 2010. Although we do not see each other as often as we would like, she is a real inspiration to me! And to you mommy Julianne, we salute you!

 *If you would like to be the next mommy featured here please drop me a line on Facebook (Mommy in Dubai), or send me an email at *Photobucket

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