Fun Find: Middle East Currency Exchange Website

Whenever I go back home to Canada, or visit my husband’s family in Austria we always end up coming home with all types of foreign currency. You are probably thinking “me too” right? Generous grandparents, and relatives love gifting the kids! It goes straight to their bank accounts! Nice and all…but I always struggle with figuring out conversions! Money exchange sort of stresses me out! I always leave it to my husband to deal with it! Well now I can…

I just came across this website in the UAE and I wanted to share it with you! It’s really great, it converts everything into dirham. Just click on “Currency Converter” and voila! No need to filter through the tabs, it is super straight forward! Being a mom, you may find this really handy too (I just added it to my favourites folder on the computer!). You may even want to share with hubby!
Let me know what you think! Personally this “Fun Find” is a keeper!



7 Comments on Fun Find: Middle East Currency Exchange Website

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