Event: Mama Meets Coffee Planet @ Caboodle (Dubai Mall)

Yesterday was a really fun day! I saw my old pal Julianne and her daughter Gemma (1 month apart in age from Ruby). Julianne and I had not seen each other in over one year! When we caught up, it was like we picked up from the last time we were together. It is so great having a friend like her. I love that I can be myself around her and she accepts me for who I am! xo

We met at Caboodle in Dubai Mall for a special “Mama Meets @ Coffee Planet”. The girls had fun playing with all the beautiful “Le Van Toy” toys. Julz and I admired the dollhouse Ruby and Gemma played with and discussed what we would get our girls for their birthdays:)

We had a quick coffee break where we sampled some coffee from “Coffee Planet” and got a little jolt of java. We then oodled over the coffee machines they had on display (I want one in pink…Patrick…if you are reading this!) Ruby made some cute crafts: a guitar, and a recycled water bottle music maker.

It was really a nice morning! Plus the goodie bags we took home were awesome (stainless steel travel mug, coffee, free coffee voucher, an agenda and a few other goodies). I only wish I snapped more pictures! We were just so busy chatting away. I even met a few faces from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @Shellsocial @LittleFarasha @boozychefPhotobucket

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