Event: Virgin Festival At Mercato Shopping Mall

Julianne and her daughter attended the Virgin Megastore “Family Festival” recently and she shares her experience with us! 

Last week I packed up the lil rascal- tot herself, miss Gemma, and headed to ye ol’ Mercato mall ( which I haven’t been to in ages) for the Virgin Family Festival event.  Upon stumbling in search for my friend and her tiny tot, I felt so refreshed to hear the handsome vocals of one of the performing artists “Tim Hassall”. Afterwards we sat down to watch a few sushi rice demonstrations from Red Box, which I just had to try for myself. Then I chased Gemma over to the yummy “hey sugar” cupcake tower, where my wild cupcake eater attempted to grab and eat the frosting off 3 minis and I ate the base so there was, you know, nothng wasted. Then I grabbed a big red velvet one they made (themed for Virgin) and shared it with my friend.  

Our daughters danced on stage, people clapped, I screamed, then the red box girls took them back and gave them popsicles to hold them back, for a few so we could enjoy the festivities. There was a fashion show, pop quizzes and a nail polish stand, and even a few red pepper photographers. It was quite the event, especially for just 2 hours. I really enjoyed myself, and loved all the goodies. Who wouldn’t? 

 The highlight was the finale performance by Abbo, who did a few beautiful covers from some of my favorite artists such as U2, and Van (the man) Morrison. He actually stunned my sticky daughter into sitting down and taking in the music herself! I was shocked and therefor that made me happiest. We clapped, I searched for more cupcakes, moseyed towards the Models Own nail stand, had Gemma’s nails painted a fabulous neon pink, did a few rounds of toddler chasing, and headed out the calm, quiet, Mercato Mall doors.


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