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Mommy in Dubai is hosting a fab giveaway worth OVER 650 AED!
As we age, what can make the face look old isn’t just wrinkles, it’s also the loss of volume as this can make us look tired and stressed. *Cringe* I may only be 27 but I am starting to feel it! Our skin loses elasticity and starts to look dull and dry…especially after having two kids (stress?).
Silke Kaja, Director of the Eucerin® Skin Institute in Hamburg says: “Volume loss is a typical consequence of aging. As the skin loses elasticity and volume, the facial contours become less defined. It is this volume loss that makes us look stressed, tired and sometimes even unhappy, which is why we developed the Eucerin® Volume-Filler range.”
To counteract this sign of aging, Eucerin® has spent six years in intensive research to develop the new Volume-Filler range of anti-aging products to help restore facial volume, define facial contours, firm the skin and visibly reduce wrinkles.
The new product range is based on three active ingredients; Magnolol, an extract from magnolia bark, which improves the appearance of the skin by increasing the number and size of volume-giving cells; oligopeptides stimulate the collagen network, which is responsible for a firmer skin structure and hyaluronic acid optimizes skin hydration and thus reduces wrinkles. These active ingredients are capable of optimizing the regeneration of the cells in the skin that provide it with volume.
To date, Eucerin® has undertaken a total of 22 studies to test the effectiveness and skin tolerability of the new Volume-Fillerrange!
The following Eucerin® Volume-Filler products are available now across the Middle East:
  • The Eucerin® Volume-Filler Day Care for dry skin has a rich texture with intensive care effect, SPF 15 plus UVA protection and is priced at AED 165.
  • The Eucerin® Volume-Filler Day Care for normal to combination skinhas a light texture with an intensive moisturizing effect, SPF 15 plus UVA protection and is priced at AED 165.
  • The Eucerin® Volume-Filler Night Care is a volumising night cream to suit all skin types with Dexpanthenol to help support skin regeneration overnight. It’s priced at AED 172.
  • The Eucerin® Volume-Filler Eye Care is ophtalmologically tested, fragrance-free, SPF 15 plus UVA protection and is priced at AED 140.
Eucerin® Volume-Fillerhas been developed for women who want to gently improve facial volume with a dermo-cosmetic anti-aging product rather than undergoing dermatological treatments. Bonus:)
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What are the 3 active ingredients used in the new Eucerin Volume-Range?
*If you are interested in buying any of these products, they are sold exclusively in pharmacies across UAE*


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