Venue Review: “Le Petit Palais”

This past Thursday I spent a beautiful morning/afternoon with my two loves. We started off with a few bargain shopping deals in the mall, followed by breakfast and a TON of fun at “Le Petit Palais” (located inside Galleries Lafayette, Dubai Mall).
It is nestled inside the department store amongst all the gourmet dining and groceries options. A real cute hidden gem!
I knew the place was bustling with energy and happy children as the line up of strollers in front of the store was filling up! We were all excited to check it out!
When you enter Le Petit Palais you are immersed in a little shop filled with cute trinkets, and one of a kind type toys that are hard to come across in Dubai. Oh and a wall full of sweeties:) After quickly pulling Ruby through the shop, eager for her not to spot the adorable dolly hanging on the wall, we entered the secure gate into the land of “Le Petit Palais”. And a little palace it was! It is one of those places you would make believe in your head as a child. Ruby looked right, looked left…where to start?! I didn’t even have a chance to remove her shoes before she dashed away! Oops! Shhh! She ran inside the soft play/jungle gym area and was gone! I tracked her down with a few loud calls, got her little shoes off and she was on to another activity. Phew!
Le Petit Palais is an adorable play centre for children of all ages. It is created into a mini French town with it’s very own street and shops on either side. A “supermarche” supermarket where the kids can do their own grocery shopping with healthy food options:) A bakery with yummy plastic treats that Nate could not get his hands off of.
There was a Karaoke’ room, nice for the older crowd. Ruby very much enjoyed the beauty salon where she had her nails painted pink (that was a given) and a pretty princess crown painted on her face with glitter. She was in heaven! My only suggestion is that they use a more kid friendly nail varnish. The room housed a bench with basins to give the royal girls pedi’s. Yes! Only in Dubai hehe! Our girls need to be pampered! But the ventilation (due to the amount of girls wanting to have mani’s/pedi’s) smelled too chemically for me. Then again, I am one of these nervous Nellie’s paranoid about any odor! The nail/face painting is complementary which is such a nice feature.Carrying along, there was an art area where Ruby painted and the staff tended to her closely, helping her with anything she needed.
I watched the staff like a hawk as I found a place to sit inside the soft play area where Nate was keeping busy playing. My observation was that they were very attentive to the kids. They were constantly cleaning up and putting things back in place. They were nice to all the children, even greeting some of them back and calling them by their first names! They put on a great dance session for them too!
My favourite…was the miniature house. It was decorated so lovely; little sofas, a kitchen, all the play food you could think of, a dress up area, a vanity table, a doll house. I had so much fun in there with both kids!
This is really a creative place to take your children. They have a beautiful party room, where they offer classes such as : Prima Performing Arts, Moms & Tots, Music Classes and more!
 As the streets were buzzing with children driving, filling up petrol, traffic was picking up (it was a holiday, so it was a given it would be busy). It was time for us to say goodbye:(
The price is right, and the variety of options to keep your little ones entertained is endless. If your child is over 3, you can actually leave them there under the supervision of the staff while you shop, or perhaps have a little lunch (child free-we all know how difficult that is to accomplish sometimes) overlooking the little town from the window outside.
I wish I could write more but my little one is like an energizer bunny and could probably do with another visit to Le Petit Palais SOON! After all… she has been asking me to go back. She met a lot of nice little girls and enjoyed herself to the max! Browsing through the pictures I took, it is safe to say BOTH my kids had a great time! 
Pricing: 1st hour 80 AED, additional hour 20 AED or 140 AED daily rate.

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