Venue Review: Hartbeeps “Baby Beeps” Class

Last Thursday morning, my little guy and I attended our first “Hartbeeps” Baby Beeps class geared towards babies 6-12 months old. I bet even my 3 year old would have even enjoyed this class! It was a colorful and fun experience. The class ran almost 1 hour in length, so a real “bang for your buck”. The songs were very catchy, all led by the upbeat Kathrine. Each song had it’s very own activity and props to go along with it. A superb touch/feel/listen sensory type class. I kept thinking to myself “what an original & smart idea to whomever created the class and props!”
“Full of music and rhythm, celebrating these wonderful sounds as they are urned into songs, happy claps and puppet characters too. Its ambiance: bright zany colors, strong funky beats, hugely wacky, weird and wonderful nonsensical puppet characters.”
We really loved the “sunshine garden”. The gold & sparkly fabric which when lifted, had a garden of toggles, ribbons, flowers and even sleeping plush bears! My tiny one enjoyed the bubbles, singing and signing (the babies learn sign language). The surprises emerging from Katherine’s bag after each song really kept me wondering what we would play with next!
It was great fun, and I would definitely go back for another class! Nate was a real wiggly boy and could not sit still on my lap, he wanted to explore everything! Which was fine, because that is what the class is all about. The rest of babies were all about the same age, so it was nice to just get out of the house and have him play with new faces. I know he enjoyed it by the smiles on his face.
*Classes are 75 AED each or 650 AED per term*

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