Toddler Craft: “Making Snack Time Fun!”

I am trying new ways to build on Ruby’s “fine motor skills”. An important part of toddler development. She loves doing anything artsy (she must get it from me:). This activity kept her busy for a good length of time. It was fun to watch her as she thread each healthy snack onto her shoelace. We giggled, and I looked on proudly while her little brother made silly faces at her. We sat outside on our front porch, a bit of fresh air, some natural vitamin D, and some good old craft time!
P.S Can I mention that I flipping love shopping at the {Organic Foods And Cafe} for fun and healthy snack options. This is not a paid advertisement, nor do I have any affiliation with them. I just truthfully love browsing their aisles buying goodies for my babies. Last weekend they had a 20% off sale so I filled my shopping cart to the brim.
What You Need:
  • Snacks with a whole inside them. I opted for “Nature’s Path Organic O’s” + “Rice & Rice Chips”
  • Shoe lace


  1. Thread treats on string into a necklace or “snakey” (everything has to end with a “y” in my house lol) as my daughter called hers:)
  2. Wear your new piece of jewellery, or munch on it for the perfect afternoon snack!

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