Product Review: “Starbucks Reserve Coffee”

Some of my fondest memories as a child are the times my mother would take me to the library, or shopping and we would later have a pit stop at Starbucks (I was 8 years old then, making it 20 years ago!) Part of my childhood I grew up in Vancouver and Starbucks was the norm (very close to Seattle, where the first Starbucks was born). I remember I would order hot chocolate, or a warm apple cider and my mom and I would sit there and talk for hours. I miss those days!
After my husband and I got married, we flew to the States to holiday and of course visited the original Starbucks in Pike Place Market.
Now as a mother, I too take my children for pit stops at Starbucks, where I sip a coffee and reminisce how Starbucks reminds me of home no matter where I am in the World.
The other day I was honored to be invited to the launch of the very first “Starbucks Reserve” event in The Dubai Mall (above the grand atrium). The new reserved blend is truly special and rare. It is really worth trying if you are a coffee lover!

“Starbucks Reserve” single origin coffee is bought and shipped for Starbucks from exotic single small farms in exceptional locations.”

The most special thing about the taste of the coffee is the fact that it is brewed using “The Clover” machine. It uses an innovative vacuum-press technology that pulls coffee through a 70-micron filter giving you a rich and rare cup of coffee.

Once Starbucks runs out of the new “Finca Nuevo-Mexico” and “Sun-Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe” beans that’s it, the stock is finished, and these beans cannot be grown again for another year. So strap your kids in and start pushing that buggy to Dubai Mall to get your hands on a mug of one of the two blends. I personally liked the one from Ethiopia as it has rich layers of strawberry, bing cherry and baking chocolate notes. The Mexican coffee was also nice, with toasty aromas of candied citrus notes and a brown sugar sweetness!

I enjoyed watching the barista create my cup of rare coffee. First she measured out the beans, you would think she was weighing truffles:) She then grinded the beans and placed the powdery substance inside the Clover. It was then stirred with a stick and vacuum pressed. Pretty cool to watch!

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