Happy Mother’s Day xo

On April 14th, over 200 Nigerian Girls were kidnapped, about 50 lucky ones were able to escape. It took media and national celebrities a little while to start talking and bring awareness about this villainy, this awful, horrible scandal.
This year, for Mother’s Day, I wish to acknowledge all mother’s whose children have gone missing. No parent should have to suffer this tribulation alone. The anguish each mother suffers when their child goes missing is despairing. On this Mother’s Day, please take a moment, think of the mothers and remember those innocent young girls victims of political turbulence and all other young children who have gone missing never to be seen or return home to their mother’s arm and love.

I would like to wish my own mother Barbara a very happy Mother’s Day! I love you so so much, you are my best friend. I only wish we lived closer. It’s funny how for my teenage years, I thought you were so uncool and then in my 20’s I realized you are the coolest person I know! You make me laugh, you drive me crazy, you have a great sense of style, you are the best shopping buddy I could ask for, most of all you have the greatest advice to share. I LOVE YOU!


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