Product Review: “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula-Skin Therapy Oil”

Ooh la la! This skin therapy oil is like heaven in a bottle.
The stretch mark experts “Palmer’s” (whom I have been a using since a teen) have created this new amazing, no-mess, pump dispenser oil with vitamin E. You can choose between two fragrances. I really like the Rosehip scent.

While I sit here and think of the word “pretty” and what it means to me…I take a big deep breath of the soft sweet smell on my skin. The scent on my body is how I would describe the word pretty: delicate, feminine, floral, soft, radiant, glowing. I love putting this oil on after a nice day of soaking up rays by the pool. It quenches my skin and makes it feel beautiful. I am doing an experiment now too on one of my scars. Three times a day I am applying the oil to my scar and hope to show you some results in a few weeks time, so stay tuned:)
Now let me get down to the nitty-gritty and give you some facts about this oil!
You can use it on virtually every part of your body including your face! Cetesomate-E Complex is used in this magical bottle and this special ingredient is what helps to improve the skin. It penetrates into the epidermal layer. It is not sticky or oily (even though it’s oil) and I really like how quickly it was absorbed into my skin.
5 key benefits of using this Palmer’s product:

  1. Stretch Marks: If you use it regularly (ie. the recommended 3x per day like I am doing) it will help to reduce and prevent them! Bonus if you are expecting a baby and have a growing belly!

  2. Scars: I have some pretty wicked scars…one on my arm which happened from a motorbike accident I nearly died in (thank goodness for helmets). And my lovely cesarean scar(s). This oil says it will help to lessen the appearance

  3. Dry, Damaged Skin: As I mentioned, I like using it after the pool, baths, showers. I find with my A/C running all day in this extreme heat, my skin really takes a tole as a result. When I apply this oil, it just makes my skin feel amazing (smooth and glowing)

  4. Uneven Skin Tone: I don’t really suffer from this problem thankfully (although I have other issues) but it does say it will help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones and give you a better complexion. That’s worth a try!

  5. Aging Skin: Who isn’t scared of this one! Eeek at 28 I am always searching for wrinkles, yes I should just let it be, and not dwell on it, but let’s face it…it’s a new era and every woman fears about her skin looking saggy and baggy!
Below are three makeupless pictures of myself after getting out of the shower. This is the 100% pure, natural me with a bit of therapy oil applied to my face:)

Not only is this formula fantastic and guarantees beautiful, radiant skin but they also help to make a difference when you purchase a bottle. What’s not to love! Palmer’s Middle East has teamed up with Breast Cancer Arabia and will donate 1AED for every Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil that is sold to the foundation. This foundation helps those women diagnosed with breast cancer who are unable to afford the surgery and treatment costs. Please check out their site {here}

Also have a peak on other fab Palmer’s products {here} and on Facebook {here}
Can I tell you a little secret…lately once the little ones are sound asleep in bed, I like to run a warm bath to relax and de-stress. I add a few drops of the therapy oil into my bath for an extra deep moisturizing effect. I have been feeling so rough the last few days and just can’t wait to soak in my tub tonight, nothing like it! Ahhh only a few more hours until it’s bedtime:)

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