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Jeez Louise! {} sent me JUST the thing this tired/busy Mama needed! A voucher to redeem at The Nail Spa. I feel spoilt!
First I got this email with the following cute message inside. Thanks for making me blush! I feel honored that you love my blog:)
On the next page I got a big surprise! My gift! 
As simple as that! I called up the Nail Spa. Snagged an early afternoon appointment to have my tootsies pampered and preened. I could have waited one year to redeem it, but who would I be kidding. When I got to The Nail Spa (at The Dubai Mall) the nail technician asked if I needed anything. Indeed this Mommy (who barely EVER gets to the spa) has lots of needs:) For starters, a ginormous mound of gossip mags (they don’t exist in my house, I only ever find myself reading Children’s books). Oh, and a hot cup of tea! I am used to drinking mine cold…because a certain little Mister…and Misses always need tending to just as I am about to take that first sip. Ya dig? I could go on, and on, and on but I WON’T. All you need to know, is that this service was outstanding. I will certainly be using {} for future gifting options. Quite often I can’t even find the time to shop like a normal human being in public; someone needs the toilet, one is tired, one is hungry…you get it, you’re a Mom. The options are endless on this site.

I plan to be heading to Austria/Canada in the coming weeks and will be missing my dear friend’s birthday. Since we are both very busy Mom’s, I am not sure I will have the chance to see her before I go. Online shopping is the way to go! Easy peasy! They are an “online mall” after all! Check out this link for over 55 gifting options (from Toys “R” Us, S*uce Gifts, Vox & more) not to mention, instant delivery. LOVE!
A little R&R with my stack of mags and my rejuvenated feet!

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