Book Review: “Reemiyat Series- Let’s Play Dress Up” By Reem El Mutwalli

If you read my review last week {here} then you will know that for the month of June, I am following a series of books called “Reemiyat”. This week I will be covering the second book in the series titled “Let’s Play Dress Up”.
You can feel the author Dr. Reem El Mutwalli’s passion radiate through this book, she is a guru about the origins and evolution of Arab dress afterall. In 1996 she established her very own private costume shop. And can you imagine…in 1999, she was gifted a traditional gold-studded dress (thawb wa kandurah imyaza riyasi) made for her by Sheikha Hamdah bint Mohammed Al Nahyan! The phenomal lady Reem, even established her own label in 2000, fusing classical and modern designs. They are sold privately, and only to exclusive clients. As a triubute to the UAE’s 40th annivery, she published three volumes of her book. Sultani-Traditions Renewed which takes us through the changes in Emirati women’s style of dress.

I must say, all the books she has writen are all such beautiful stories, but I secretly enjoy this novel the most:) Something so magical and capturing about playing dress up! It brings back many childhood memories, and even those of present time watching my little girl play dress up too! 

In this novel, the three siblings which are the main characters (Hazza, Sheema & Shama) are bored at home. It is too hot to play outside, so they decide to play dress up indoors. They come up with an idea to dress like grown ups! Shama dresses up like Grandma Hissa, Hazza as Grandpa Hamdan, and Sheema as a Shaikha. From head to toe we identify what each piece of garment is, along with a bit of history, how they wear it and what it is called. It is truly fascinating!

Reading this book with my children is a whirlwind of pretty pictures and interesting facts about local culture. I especially enjoy discovering all of the beautiful garments that the Emirati people wear. Considering I have lived here for over six years, I should know them by now…Well now I do thanks to “Let’s Play Dress up”.

Ruby and I always have a great time when we are out and about, we like to discuss the outfits worn by the nationals of UAE, now that we know what they are! 

It was so sweet, yesterday Ruby was playing with her dolly. I was busy in the kitchen cooking, and she came running up to me shouting “Look Mommy! It’s Shama!”. She had found a lace cloth and pinned it on the dolls hair with a clip. It was so cute!

This book is not gender specific, any child (male or female) even adults (like myself) will enjoy reading this informative and innocent book (along with the rest of the collection).

In this video below you can see what a HUGE fan she is of Dr. Reem El Mutwalli’s series! I have to deal with this every night:)

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