Event: “Flying With Children On Emirates”

As I share my experience of an event we attended this past weekend hosted by Emirates, I can safely say this is my true area of expertise! I was an airhostie back in the day and I do consider my family well seasoned travellers after all!
This special Emirates event was aimed at familiarizing families with what they have to offer on board for children. For starters, did you know that the most beautiful Emirates store in The Dubai Mall? I know it’s a bit off track, but I am a shopaholic! They have the cutest gifts and nicknack’s from model aircraft’s (that’s what my husband got for Father’s Day) plus the ‘Little Travellers Collection’ (check out Ruby & Nate’s new suitcases for our summer travels). It is located at The Village inside The Dubai Mall. Furthermore…there is a full on flight deck called the ‘Emirates A380 Experience’ just a step away from the store. Crazy!! Ruby and I had a go at landing a plane in the simulator flying over Dubai (with a lot of help from the captain). Guests of the Emirates A380 experience have the chance to fly past Paris’ historic sites, soar over the canals of Amsterdam, and take in Hong Kong’s unmistakable cityscape, all on high-definition screens. It was SUCH a cool experience!
Now onto my favourite subject! The only airline which has time after time consistently maintained good marks in my book of travels (especially with children) would be…Emirates! We have flown across the world and back with them so many times I can’t even keep track.
Why are they my favourite? For several reasons…the attention to detail given to the way they cater to our kiddos is outstanding. To begin, when we roll up to Terminal 3 and I am all stressed with my huge pile of luggage (since we get to take extra 10 KG suitcases for each child). I don’t mean to complain! It is a godsend to be able to haul so much stuff whenever I visit family in Austria or Canada! So as I was saying…it is a real stress reliever as they have complimentary baby strollers available at the Emirates terminal. That helps me so much as I can check in my monstrosity of a double stroller at the baggage belt, one less thing to drag around and put my worries at rest!
After passing through duty free, trying to convince myself that I really don’t need another bottle of perfume, it is a breath of fresh air to pull up at our gate, Emirates strollers in hand all calm cool and collected. You know that feeling the morning of leaving for a flight with kids in tow, it’s like a scene out of Home Alone. They are always so good at allowing families to board the flight first so we can get settled on the plane and jam our huge carry on bags stuffed with everything for a “just in case moment”.
As soon as we step foot on that aircraft, my three year old is in heaven! She is quiet as a mouse, it almost worries me haha! She knows she can watch unlimited TV without being harassed by Mommy! She gets to watch her very own channels including 60+ movies (40+ Disney Classics). I can bet my money on it, that when we fly out this summer, she will first ask to watch Cinderella, followed by the Disney Channel (Doc McStuffins and Sofia The First). Do you know what a life saver it is that they have these options available? No temper tantrums, just a nice cool flight with my kids! It means peace and quiet for our entire journey! Amazing! There are over 30+ dedicated kids TV channels so little Nate will also be entertained hassle free (most likely with a bit of Sesame Street and perhaps Pingu). I love how they provide child-size headsets too, that actually fit their tiny heads. I don’t have to readjust them every few minutes (usually during the time I want to eat my meal, or my hands are full).
Sometime between passengers boarding and takeoff, we are given baby kits (wet wipes, teething ring, cream, bib, bassinet liner and feeding utensils). It is always such a nice touch to receive this kit. It means I don’t have to dig in my carry on for those baby wipes I packed at home in a rush, jammed at the very bottom of my treasure chest of a diaper bag! The cabin crew always offer baby food jars (on silver trays no less) they even have feeding bottles, formula and diapers!
Ruby’s favourite part is when the toys/activity-filled backpacks are distributed. It’s like Christmas. Which monster will she get to complete her collection? There are over 12 original monster characters from the ‘Fly With Me Monster Collection’:
  • Blanket Buddies: plus characters wrapped around a soft fleece blanket
  • Seat Belt Critters: Little toys worn around a seat belt to encourage safety
  • Magnetic Sketchers: Unique characters to keep kids entertained
Never mind Ruby, but I always get excited with the paperbacks! Being a book lover, I adore the classics by Dr. Seuss. I grew up with these books. There are 10 stories to collect.
For older children, Emirates offers a range of new travel-inspired products co-designed with iconic lifestyle brand Quicksilver:
  • Travel folios aimed at encouraging personalization and discovery
  • Velcro surf-style wallets with the latest Quicksilver graphics
  • Fun-fact game cards with inspirational photography from Quicksilver
Ruby & Nate are always busy playing with the ‘Fly With Me Monster-My Monster Magazine’. Doodling, coloring and playing games in it.
Ruby is pictured here holding a copy of some Disney getaway options provided by{Emirates Holidays}. Her wish is to go to Disneyland Resort in Los Angeles. Heck, it’s mine too! I am a kid at heart after all:) Maybe our little Princess will get her wish after she turns four 🙂
Can you believe your tots can start raking in the points when they fly Emirates too? Emirates recognizes that loyalty is essential amongst it’s young customers, so children even have their own frequent flyer programme called Skysurfers. Miles can be exchanged for free flights, toys, books and entry to attractions in Dubai. That is pretty awesome if you ask me!
*As per ticketing rules on emirates.com a child is defined as a passenger between 2-11 years of age*
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