Book Review: “Reemiyat Series-Hats & Horses” by Dr. Reem El Mutwalli

The third book I am covering this month is titled “Hats & Horses” written by Dr. Reem El Mutwalli. As the Royal Ascot race have just passed (they happen every June), I thought it would be fitting to review “Hats & Horses”! Check out my last two reviews {here} and {here} to familiarize yourself with Dr. Reem’s other books from her series.
It’s amazing how much I am learning from reading these books to my children! “Hats & Horses” is full of fun imagery covering history, horses, hats and of course the races!
We start off with an introduction to the “Royal Ascot” where the father in the story “Baba Saif” tells us about “Colour Vision”, one of the winning horses who was trained right here in Dubai at Godolphin. I really enjoy turning each page with Ruby & Nate, as we get to spot famous and familiar sites from around our city Dubai and even across the World.
The children in the book (especially the sister’s Sheema & Shama) share how much they love all the wonderful hats the women don at the races. Their loving mother “Mama Hamda” brings out tons of hats for the kids to try on from her own collection. We learn why people wear hats to the races (which has been a tradition for over 300 years).
“Baba Saif” has a horse of his own which we are introduced to called “Vain Hussar”. He is an Arabian Stallion. One of the oldest horse breeds around! They are gorgeous and loving horses. In the old days, Arabian horses helped the Emarati people survive. Men rode them to fight enemies, source water and food. They also helped families move and carried them, plus their belongings on long journeys.
We later explore the Melbourne Cup, Kentucky Derby and Dubai World Cup. I attended my first race back in 2009:) Feels like an eternity ago! Here I am pictured below! I had such a great time. But I think my favourite part was actually going shopping with my mom to buy my outfit. Oh! And of course getting ready! I have always been a sucker for special occasions:) Similar to the sisters in this book!
At the end of the book, the parents Mama Hamda and Baba Saif surprise the children and tell them they are taking them to the Dubai World Cup. Mama Hamda takes the children hat shopping and it is oodles of fun to explore and imagine what it would be like going to the Dubai World Cup: marching bands, races, hat competitions and fireworks!

Next week I will be concluding my reviews on the “Reemiyat Series” with my last book. So stay tuned for one more:)
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