Venue Review: “Bounce”

A friend of mine told me she was going to take her son to an indoor trampoline venue to burn off some steam. I asked her if we could tag along as it sounded like a lot of fun. It sure was!

BounceInc is HUGE indoor trampoline universe. Picture in your head, a gigantic warehouse with wall to wall trampolines and padded foam. It is crazy! There are over 100 interconnected trampolines and 500 square meters of padding and foam to land on!

For a bargain of 70 AED for one hour (including a nice pair of safety grip socks to keep) Ruby had a blast jumping as a “MiniBOUNCE”. The minimum age to jump is 3 years old and the little ones have a time blocked out along with a designated jumping area Sunday to Thursday from 10am-12pm for safety reasons.

I was really pleased with how well the employees took care of our little ones and I would certainly take Ruby back to bounce again! When my husband saw the pictures, he was slightly jealous that he didn’t get to go! The older ones can even play basketball, dodge ball and other activities while bouncing around! Ruby really liked jumping in to the “Big Bag” which looked like an enormous bean bag.

Parents can leave there children with the designated Bounce leader and sip on a coffee while watching their tot from up high at the coffee shop. Also makes for a great place to have a snack post “bouncing”. I only wish they had highchairs for little ones to sit in. It was a challenge to chase Nate around while trying to watching Ruby at the same time. No elavators either to get upstairs with my double stroller. Every time I took Nate down to watch Ruby up close he kept trying to make a mad dash into the trampoline area. A change table in the bathrooms would also be awesome! All in good time!

This venue has only been open for a few weeks and it was jam packed! People are clearly loving Bounce! Be sure to book online or reserve a spot before hand as spaces are limited and fill up very quickly! Check out Bounce online (here) or on Facebook

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  1. Namita V Suri
    June 22, 2014 at 8:43 pm (6 years ago)

    Bounce seems to be a one kids…gonna explore soon with my sunny boy

  2. best boozy brunch nyc
    July 4, 2014 at 8:54 am (6 years ago)

    I recently worked as an organizer for a wedding here. Their staff was very nice and seemed to be on top of things as the wedding celebration progressed.

  3. Jack Robin
    October 25, 2014 at 7:56 pm (5 years ago)

    I hear lots of talk about this Bounce from my Kids so I decided to have my 10 years old son's Birthday there, I booked online then I got a call from 2 extra kids who wanted to join the party, I checked with Bounce they said its Fine to bring them and you can pay on the entrance, when we arrived they told me that they are fully booked and they cannot let the 2 kids play, I tried to find any solution for this because it was impossible for me to desapointe any kid, we could not because as per them they consider themselves as an aeroplane so for safety issue they can not let those kids. i Finally suggested that we rotate between the kids 2 can wait outside while the other 2 can play and we can rotate every 10 min. they agreed first, but after we took the wrist band from my son the birthday boy and his brother, they wouldnt allow them to play any more and they were asking them to leave. I cannot express the big desapointment and sadness that my son had and his other freinds who left the playing and gathered around my son, each one of the 18 kids was trying to remove the wirst Band from his Hand and give to my son who was crying, the argument with the management did not lead to anywhere but more desapointment to me and the Kids. We decided to leave the plying area after the kids were shouted at, we went to the food room, some mothers wanted to join us they wouldnt let them, after that the mangement kept coming to the room shouting at the kids whenever they drop something they didnt have the minimaum human feeling to let the kids eat in peace after they didnt let them play, they were determined to totaly ruin the day. The kids and me were pushed out of the room after the a cake was spilled on their carpet, we where all pushed by force and if any one resisted them we could have been hited or maybe more. The kids waiting for their mothers to collect them, they were locked in place and me in another place, they didnot allow me to reach my kids and their freinds, I tried to do it by force but they were 4 girls, i couldnt get my kids back untill the police arrived. That's our terror party in Bounce. Now we have a court case, where my case against them is the phisical and emotional abuse against the kids, and how they terrofied the kids, and their case against me is to claim for the cost of a Vacaum hoover that they had to buy to clean the Carpet!!!!!

  4. Marina
    November 9, 2017 at 4:44 am (2 years ago)

    Don’t make Birthday party at this place!!! Never!!! Recently I booked Birthday party for my kids at Bounce in Dubai. The worst impression I’ve ever had. It was booked for 2 hours, but first 30 min they kept us waiting at the «celebrant’s» corner, the bench behind the reception. When I asked why they keep us waiting for so long sitting on the bench they said «we are waiting for all the rest of the guests to come» (in fact all guests already come, everyone arrived on time). So we paid for 2 hours party, but first 30 min we were just sitting on the bench near reception (not even in a party room), waiting, without any kind of entertainment, kids were getting bored, somebody running, misbehaving, crying, no any attention from staff all first 30 min my 3 year old son, who was celebrant, was crying coz wanted to start jumping, but they didn’t allow him. After 30 min of waiting they took children to jump for one hour. I was promised that​ kids will be supervised, and I can just “sit back and relax” upstairs, however my youngest son was always disappearing from trampoline area and I had to look for him everywhere, no one cared of him, no one looked after him as it was promised, he was a celebrant actually!!! After jumping​ they took all kids to a so called «party room», room was very small, not big enough for 10 children with parents. Room was not decorated, I was promised there will be balloon decoration – it wasn’t there, no balloons, nothing!!!, like you can see on advertising video, poor decoration on the ceiling !!! LEAKING WATER FROM THE CEILING!!! Table was not arranged AT ALL!!! Plates on one side, cups on the other side, no tissues, food was not served. Me and other mothers had to serve food, put it in plates for kids ourselves, «self service»!!! SO EMBARRASSING!!! Happy Birthday​ song was ruined, there was no music for singing, kids couldn’t sign together without music, and party host did not make an effort to organize them to sing. Cake was put on dirty table, table was not cleaned after main meal. No sign «Happy birthday» inside party room!!! Party host was so unhelpful, bored, with sad face, negative attitude, didn’t pay any attention to celebrant. At the time of booking I was promised there will be other games and activities with party host, but there were no any games and activities AT ALL. Food is the worst sort of junk I’ve ever seen: dry crunchy nuggets and tasteless fried. There was no choice to bring or order food for adults. It doesn’t worth 1450 that we paid there, don’t make a party at this place, it is a huge disappointment!!! If you want 10 children to jump just pay 80 per hour per child – 800 dhs, NOT 1450!!!! Don’t make Birthday party at this place!!!

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