Venue Review: “The Majlis First & Finest Camel Milk Cafe”

This beautiful hidden gem of a cafe is situated in the most wonderful location, just adjacent to the famous Jumeirah mosque. It is so soothing to sit there sipping on a fancy beverage whilst listening to the prayers from the mosque and people watching from the row of windows.
I was invited to the pre-launch of the Iftar menu as Ramadan is literally days away. I had such a lovely evening. I left the kids with my husband while I got to sit down, completely unwind and enjoy a delicious traditional meal.
A group of Bloggers and I were presented with beautiful Iftar bites on three tiered trays. I could hardly move by the end. Everything made at The Majlis is very much scrutinized to perfection by the General Manager Mr. Rody who ensures each delectable piece of food is created with camel milk, and that the ingredients are of superb quality. Just like the famous Al Nassma chocolates (which you can buy at The Majlis). The food served is mainly traditional Emirati cuisine. Which is so refreshing, as I have never really been able to taste the local cuisine! It’s true! Even after living here 6 years + it is not the easiest food to come by with the city being so multicultural.
I would have to say may favourite dish of all was the dessert! The camel milk ice cream is the most delicious ice cream I have ever tasted. The warm sticky date cake was the perfect combination with the cold refreshing vanilla ice. I had a “Camel Latte” to finish off my evening, with barely a drop of space left to store it in my belly!
This is an absolutely fantastic hidden gem to chill out, and even bring your kids to. They have a selection of books to browse through, giving it a relaxing feel. It would also make for a perfect destination to bring visitors to, so they can truly enjoy the local flavours and get a full on experience, including camel milk!
You can read an older post of mine about the Camelicious farm (here). As well as a review I did about the Al Nassma chocolates shortly after I first started my blog (here). I can’t live without camel milk! Heck I even bathe in it! I use the camel milk soap bars from (this) shop.
This is a must try cafe in my books and a great place to break your fast.
There are currently two Locations of The Majlis Dubai (The Dubai Mall + Jumeirah Mosque).

 Check out The Majlis Dubai on Facebook (here) 
You can also browse their website (here)

2 Comments on Venue Review: “The Majlis First & Finest Camel Milk Cafe”

  1. Anonymous
    June 28, 2014 at 6:27 am (6 years ago)

    Music from mosque? I think you mean call to prayers or people performing their prayers in congreggation. In either cases, it is not music.

  2. Mommy In Dubai
    June 29, 2014 at 7:09 pm (6 years ago)

    Thank you! Noted and changed!

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