Product Review: “MyCinnamonBoy”

This has been my longest awaited post ever! 
Back in May I met with the beautiful and laid back Kari Thomassen. She is the Norwegian designer of MyCinnamonGirl/Boy. When she walked into the coffee shop where we were scheduled to meet, I was immediately mesmerized by her presence. She wore a soft pastel mint dress, which reminded me of a delicious macaroon from Ladurée in Paris (I later discovered it is part of her collection). We sipped on a warm Chai latte and chatted with the time going by far TOO quickly! It wasn’t one of those meetings where you keep checking your watch every 2 minutes that’s for sure! It was so interesting to hear how her business started and how she has become pretty much an overnight success story! When we parted ways I was left behind with a magical trail of her soft perfume. I later had to text her to find out the brand:) She truly took my breath away. How time flies now that we are in AUGUST!
I have finally had the time to gather all the images and put together a beautiful collage of her nostalgic girls, boys and women’s clothing.
I will be sharing my photos in batches to appreciate each outfit for all it’s glory. I will be first starting with mister Nate! Nate’s little prince outfit is as charming as the pictures! A gorgeous soft cotton with velvet arm patches and a crown applique. The trousers have a tiny trim of mini gingham along the pocket edges. Nate has worn this outfit to the max ever since we got it. He even wore it on the plane ride to Canada (a looong flight). Everyone commented on how cute it was! I know he feels good in it as the fabric is soft, stretchy and COMFY! 
“We use only the softest fabrics with handmade details. Timeless collections to love.”
Hope you enjoy the photos and clothing as much as we did! If you wish to check out the online store then follow this link here: There is delivery available worldwide no matter where you are living! You can also follow MyCinnamonGirl on {Facebook} to stay up-to-date with all the latest news + offers:)
FYI my dear and super talented old high school friend {Magda} of {Magda Zofia} so very generously donated her precious time to touch up the images I shot. She added a more whimsical feel to them, something she is so PERFECT at doing! I LOVE how they turned out! Don’t you?

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