Craft: Easy Lavender Sachets

Yummmm lavender is one of my favourite scents. It is relaxing, refreshing and so feminine!
This summer (mid June) Ruby and I picked bundles of lavender while in Vienna. She helped me cut each stem (the longer the better) we then bunched them together, tied them up with gardening twine and hung them upside down to dry in a dark cool room. When we arrived in Toronto we removed the buds off the stems (they literally fall off when they are dry enough-2 weeks +). FYI, when I transported them to Canada, I wrapped them in newspaper and sealed them up in a brown paper bag. 

If you are in UAE and do not have access to fresh lavender, you can easily head to the spice souk and snap up a fresh bag for pennies.
I found an old elegant table cloth from my late Babcia. I cut some of it up into long rectangular shapes. I like to do things quick and efficiently. I used a book to trace around the fabric to get the right shape:) A box of macaroni or a book will do the trick! Once cut, I lined up the right sides together (you want them “inside out”). I sewed them up leaving the top part open. My mom also gave me a hand with sewing some of them which was fun! I miss doing crafts with her. One of the crummy things about being an expat and away from your folks…Don’t forget to back stitch and leave a nice 1/4″ seam. Once all the pouches were sewn up, I shook a large amount of natural lavender essential oil onto my dried buds (which were spread out on newspaper to avoid mess). Give it a good mix, and adjust scent to your liking. Grab a spoon and start filling your pouches. You don’t want them too overfilled, or under filled. Tie them up with a pretty ribbon, or twine. I did some with bows, and others with just knots.

Another easy way to create the sachets is by cutting small rectangle or square shapes with pinking shears (you can buy them at IKEA). Place them right sides up and sew around the entire rectangle leaving the top part open to fill with the dried lavender. Once you are finished filling, sew up the small opening.  

Ruby really enjoyed helping me fill them. She made a special sachet for herself. She wants to put it under her pillow when we get back home to UAE. It has lepidolite stones which is a good gemstone to aid with sleep.

What will I do with mine? I am going to use them in my drawers to keep them smelling fresh and pretty:) I always find while living out here in this heat my clothes get a muggy smell to them. Not only will my clothes now smell beautiful, but it will remind me of an amazing summer I had and my little Ruby who helped me throughout the whole process. Each year we can pick lavender and empty the old sachets and refill them. I look forward to this new tradition with my baby girl:)
  • Cut lavender with long stems (I picked roughly 8 bunches for close to 20 sachets)
  • Tie the lavender up with cord and hang upside down somewhere dark and cool
  • Allow 2 + weeks for the lavender to completely dry
  • Once dry pull off the buds from the stems (do this over newspaper)
  • Add a good amount of natural lavender essential oil to your buds to ensure an aroma that will last  
  • Cut fabric to shape you like best (long rectangles like the white ones pictured above or smaller rectangles like the purple fabric shown)
  • For the white fabric style I did, put the fabric right sides together before sewing. You will flip them once sewn. If doing the purple style then sew them right sides u.
  • Sew fabric together leaving a 1/4″ seam. Leave the top open if you are doing the same style as the white ones I did. Leave a small opening on the purple ones if you doing that style
  • Fill your sachets with lavender
  • Either tie up the ends with ribbon (if doing the white one) or sew up the opened gap if doing the purple style sachet

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