Story Time With Disney’s Belle @ Al Safa Public Library

Gearing up for Disney’s On Ice: Rockin’ Ever after, Princess Belle from Beauty & the Beast hosted an intimate book reading at the Al Safa Public Library (adjacent to Safa Park). Young girls and boys sat in teacup style chairs, listening intently as she read a story about her favourite Princess Ariel.

My daughter was pretty starstruck! As soon as the story was over she asked me if we could watch Belle skate and if Belle would take her ice skating. I told her we have to wait for a few more days until the show takes place:) Everyone is so excited about Disney on Ice! I guess I was too as most of my pictures are blurry! Oops!

You can read my post from a few days ago {here} where you will be able to find all the details on the upcoming shows taking place between September 10-13th, 2014.

That is only a mere week away 🙂

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