Fun Day @ Future Kids with Bob Hardy from Clarks Shoes

Last weekend we attended a special one on one fitting with the shoe master himself, Mr. Bob Hardy of Clarks Shoes. Nate and Ruby loved it! They also really liked where the event was hosted (Future Kids in Knowledge Village). I had heard alot of buzz about it online and on the radio for months, but never had the chance to pop in. It seems and sounds like a fantastic place to make our little ones into geniuses. The interior is fun and creative and the whole concept is very fresh and new. 
Before I get side tracked about {Clarks}…Nate grew out of his latest shoes which lasted him a mere 2 months and that was pushing it:( After Bob checked his size, we drove over to Clarks at The Dubai Mall where we picked out a really cute navy blue pair of sandal/sneaker type shoes (as seen in the above photo on the bottom left). Ruby needed new back-to-school shoes and she chose some very pretty black Mary Jane’s with shiny hearts (top right photo). Her best friend picked up the same pair (coincidentally they are in the same class) and we can barely get our girls out of their school shoes! They adore them! Ruby was very happy to receive a free pink alarm clock as a gift for buying her back-to-school shoes at Clarks (offer valid until stock lasts). We also put our name into a draw to win a staycation at Atlantis The Palm (10 family getaways to be won).
Okay back to Future Kids!
 It is an accelerated learning centre catered to children 6 months to 6 years of age.

“Future Kids offers a unique opportunity to join your child on their learning journey and helps to raise children with an enquiring mind who love to learn! The program develops photographic memory, early literacy and numeracy, creative ability, sensory and visualisation skills and language acquisition”.

I received a voucher to try one free class. They have daily classes for all age groups. Nate falls under the category “Infants 1-2 yrs”. I think an 11am class would suit us well:) I will be sure to let you know how our experience at Future Kids turns out in the coming month!

For more details visit Future Kids on Facebook {here}

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