Venue Review: The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason Dubai

Walking into The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason, I felt like a tiny kid in a candy shop. My eyes shifted from side to side; my eyes catching the crystal jars filled with sweeties + the scrumptious toppings and of course delectable ice creams on display! The possibilities and concoctions are endless at the family-friendly Parlour!
I turned to my husband at that stage and said “If you should want to ever take me on a date (we just never seem to have the time or energy) I want it to be here ,pretty please!”

It is a HIDDEN GEM in Dubai! Which by the way is situated just between Dubai Mall and The Address Hotel Downtown. Great spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy mall and sink yourself into a cozy leather chair and CHILL with a one of a kind decadent ice cream (or two). The decor is all in pastel hues making it bright and cheery, along with breezy white linen curtains allowing for all the natural light to softly fill up the Parlour. You can’t beat the view of the fountain show on their outside terrace either! It would be such a cute place to have a baby shower! Too bad I was one year and a bit too late:(

So the really special thing about Fortnum’s rich and creamy ice cream is that it is 100% pure and NATURAL all brought in from UK. The ice cream is churned daily on location in Dubai. They surely do not skimp on the quality of their ingredients, that’s for sure.

I am going to continue raving about this place, because it is the sweetest ice cream parlour I have seen in all of UAE! The staff were kind, attending and genuine. I absolutely adored the sous chef Gavin. He had such a charm and passion for cooking. I cheekily asked if he could ever give me cooking lessons, which my husband chimed in saying it would be a good idea (he better have been joking). Imagine…he lived in Paris learning to cook for 6 years, then on to Fortnum & Mason in England, a few other places and now here in Dubai as a Sous Chef! Gavin please take me grocery shopping so I can see all the goodies you buy and get some inspiration:)

Each attendee at the event had the chance to prepare their own sundae. Mademoiselle indecisive took at least five minutes to narrow down my pick (yes me). I went with a very special Fortnum’s Florentines ice cream and sticky pudding. I could have had a scoop of each, I am that big of an ice cream lover! I added toppings such as my favourite crunchy maldon salt which coincidentally comes from the same area where Gavin is from, popping chocolate candy and a good dollop of whipping cream pipped on top of my sundae. It was DIVINE! I only wish I would have gone alone so I could have savoured each and every spoonful in a slow motion time frame. I swear if no one was looking, I would have tipped my bowl to sip the last few drops of melted ice cream 🙂 Yes, it was that good! If I am to retract my memory and try to recall what Ruby made up…I believe it was banana, strawberry and hazelnut ice cream. For toppings she added mixed berries, chocolate adornments, dried raspberries, crumbled shortbread & popping candy! Wowzers!
Another fun thing we were treated to, was watching Gavin create the famous Knickerbocker Glory dessert, a Fortnum favourite since 1955 (strawberry & vanilla ice cream layered with chunks of pineapple, raspberry coulis, whipped cream and popping candy). Now if only I had the tools at home to whip up something like that…it was marvelous to say the least! We were served miniature Knickerbocker’s in tiny pastel saucers. Ruby was rather pleased that she could eat endless ice cream and not get in trouble:)
To freshen our palette, the waiter brought over a simply thirst quenching lemonade- Fortnum’s Original Lemonade Float that had the loveliest zing to it. It was bubbly, a bit sour +  a bit sweet. Totally hit the spot!
I really didn’t want to leave the event, it was such a treat to be invited. The last time I was at Fortnum & Mason I was about 12 years old. 16 years ago! I guess I shouldn’t feel that old considering Fortnum & Mason is over 300 years old and still in the original building since 1797 (at 181 Piccadilly, London). How neat!
Fun fact…HM The Queen & the Duchess herself Mrs. Kate Middleton & Duchess of Cornwall inaugurated the newly renovated Diamond Jubilee Tea Station at Fortnum’s just over two years ago. It was renamed The Diamond Jubilee Tea Station to mark the queen’s 60 years on the throne. The eloquently spoken International Store Operations Manager Peiyi Lee showed us a captivating collection of photographs from that memorable day. So let’s just say…sitting in the Parlour, I felt like a duchess for the day:) A girl can dream!

The Parlour is open daily from 9am-midnight
2nd floor of Fortnum & Mason

*If you are driving by car, park your car inside The Dubai Mall near the cinema car park area. A hop,skip and a jump over to Fortnum’s and you are there*

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