Venue Review: Wagamama-Greens

Saturday morning’s “Hoshie Play Date” at the Japanese noodle bar ‘Wagamama’ really finished off our weekend with a BAM (check out the fire blazing pic below). Wagamama’s invited a select number of media to try out their new kid’s menu. The character Hoshi (which both my kids and I adore) is so cute we wish it could be turned into a plush toy! My inner Japanese Harajuku girl loves Hoshi!

We were entertained by a live cooking demonstration which you will always be able to view as their kitchen is an open concept. We then had fun watching two varieties of juice come to life (green apple + mint & red apple with raspberry coulis). The kids liked the sweeter version, of course! Then our favourite part…LUNCH! Healthy, fun, and relaxed vibe. It was really laid back, a few noodles flying around but that is what Wagamama’s is for! Very family oriented!
The new doodles they have for kids to color are super fun too, you may even find yourself coloring a sheet (or two). While the kids were busy coloring and popping edamame beans (steamed soybeans) in their mouths, I was able to grab a bite at the same time. We had dumplings ebi gyoza (prawn and veggies) + a noodle creation called yaki soba (fried noodles +shrimp) with a beautiful assortment of fresh veggies, ginger and other yummy hidden treasures. The kids had the sweetest wooden chopsticks (I took two extra home shhh) as I am sure it will make any breakfast before school a whole lot more FUN!
I will certainly be coming back for more, sadly The Greens is a bit far for me, but the one at Crowne Plaza will suite us perfectly!
Affordable priced food, amazing assortment of menu options for children (the most I have ever seen), kid friendly & most importantly TASTY! We will be back again for sure!
They have 3 locations in Dubai: {restaurants}

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