What Does Hand Foot Mouth Disease Look Like?

I have been slightly under the radar the last week. That is because I have been taking care of one really sick little fella. At first we were sure it was chickenpox. One might assume the same as he had little blisters on his face and body (similar to the one between his two eyes pictured below). But it slowly spread into a rash and then I started to panic!! I thought it was measles…
Finally after 2 visits to the doctors I got a real diagnosis. Yes I wanted a second opinion!
Hand Foot & Mouth Disease…
My children have had this before, but never to this extent. One week on and he is still under the weather. We are strong to believe he has {this} ‘Enterovirus 68’ which is spreading like wildfire across North America same thing as HFM.
“EV68 starts as a common cold, with runny nose, sore throat, cough and fever. If the disease progresses, difficulty breathing, decreased urine production, lethargy and dehydration can occur.  Some kids develop skin rashes, diarrhea and abdominal pain.”
He has been irritable, drowsy, lack of appetite, glassy eyes, runny nose. Really not fun…I think HFM will be making its rounds through UAE so I wanted to give you some clear reference pictures if you find yourself in the same boat. Try not to freak out (like I did). Keep your child hydrated that is the number one thing. If in doubt, go see a doctor.


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