Ruby’s 4th ‘Butterfly’ Birthday Party @ Al Tamimi Stables

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I am really not someone who likes to boast, but I must say I had the BEST time at Ruby’s 4th birthday party this past weekend! My little girl turned the big 0-4!

For the very first time in four years of hosting birthday parties, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got to partake & have fun in so many activities with her instead of running around like a madwoman! I was completely able to ‘be there’ throughout her 3 hour bash. I of course shot all my own photos, but there was a photographer on hand from Tamimi Stables which was fab and I can’t wait to see what she captured for us!

“Al Tamimi Stables is a family friendly farm and educational activities centre situated in the emirate of Sharjah. Our centre boasts over 30 acres of lush farm land with over 500 domestic and exotic animals, sports facilities, stables, a horse trading enterprise, a recording studio, a petting farm, creativity studios and a quaint café. Look a little closer and you’ll find that we even grow our own exotic produce.”

“Make your child’s special day even more memorable by making use of our massive offering of private outdoor and air conditioned indoor facilities throughout our luscious 30 acres. We provide all the great activities, extras and fantastic food choice you need to make your party a day to remember.”

Hands down, the best party venue I have been to in the UAE. Not to mention the exceptional service and party hosts! Absolutely FABULOUS!

Ruby’s Private Air Conditioned Party Room!

I will not take all the credit for the decorations inside Ruby’s private party room at the stables:) The staff proved themselves to be beyond fantastic! They set the tables, put up a banner, hung balloons, made the hay barrel stacks, all the center pieces and floral arrangements! I am so so soooo pleased with how it turned out. As a busy mom, this was a total blessing! To arrive at Ruby’s party (instead of hosting it at our home) and have everything set up and ready to go without a drop of sweat on my face or stress was awesome! Previously I would have to send my husband out with the kids while I decorated and prepared the house (crummy part about October birthday parties…the heat). And how could I forget to mention the best…I mean worst part, cleaning the house after the party was over! Ahhh I am still smiling about her party two days later:) Literally EVERYTHING was taken care of for us. We had two party hosts, music with speakers in the party room, endless activities, beverages…I 100% recommend this party venue to ALL of you!

For loot bags (you can see them sticking out of the hay barrels) each child received a butterfly net and bag of gourmet marshmallow’s. The boys: wooden gecko with a kit to paint it. The girls: mini Disney tin boxes with lockets and flower headbands.

What I WILL take credit for though, is the food:) Oh! And the piñata (my mother-in-law brought it from Austria) and the glittery butterflies which I found in my craft drawer. I made all the cupcakes from scratch using a simple yellow sheet cake recipe, set up the candy bar, I made the candy cake using marshmallow’s and other pretty sweeties, Ruby’s great grandma and Oma helped wash and cut the fruits while I made a very easy cream cheese and marshmallow dip, the vegetable platter and dip, cheese, Jell-O jigglers with creepy crawly candy that turned to soup on the drive over (can you believe how hot it is still in October!), the butterfly celery sticks filled with peanut butter, cookies which my mom made in Canada, PB&J butterfly sandwiches…I am sure I am forgetting to mention more things! 

Snacks & Party Food!

The itinerary of the party was superb and kept all of us on our feet and laughing, not a dull moment whatsoever! I decided to scrap one of the activities as most of the guests did not arrive for 2pm, rather after 2:30pm (no biggie). Around 2:30pm we walked over to the horse stables for “Horse Hero” where the children pet the breathtaking horses, posed for pictures and groomed them. 

 Activity 1: Horse Hero

Anneliese and Jenny sat the children on benches and brought out different animals during the Animal Care Hero activity. One at a time they passed the animal around very carefully explaining various facts about it (guinea pig, hamster, parrot, bunny). The kids loved it (heck they loved everything!). Anneliese insured all the children washed their hands after petting the sweet creatures.

 Activity 2: Animal Care Hero

We then walked  through another door to the cooking room. Each child was give two cupcakes, generous heaps of different colored icing and a ton of sprinkles to pick from (they definitely were not stingy). Once the kids were finished decorating their treats we bagged them up and shuffled on to our last activity.

Activity 3: Little Chef Cupcake Decorating

The craft room was oozing with recycled projects, which you all know, is something I just love! The children used recycled cardboard flower cut outs and colored each of their flowers which were then placed on top of a bottle cap all assembled using old plastic bottles. The children poured soil into their new flower pots and could pick what color of plant they wanted to put in their flower pot. I have Ruby’s proudly on my windowsill in the kitchen. I will always look at it and fondly remember all of the great moments we had at her 4th birthday party with our amazing family and friends.

Activity 4: Creativity Hero: Recycled Flower Pot Craft

The cake was from {Cold Stone Creamery}. I am SO happy with how it turned out. It did take two cakes to get it perfect though. The first cake melted during transport from one of their stores and looked awful to say the least when I went to pick it up! However they were very quick to fix it and make us a new one on time. Great customer service! The cake seemed to be a hit with the little ones. Ruby designed it (bubblegum and strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and white cake inside).

Ruby’s Birthday Cake!

Piñata Fun!

 A big shout out to Sangeeta, the very talented girl behind {Paper Couture} who created this gorgeous invite for Ruby. Prior to handing this invite out (and sending it through to our Facebook friends) I had painstakingly created 20 handmade butterflies which were adorned with jewels and fitted with birthday scrolls to mimic the center of the butterflies body. Kind of a big mistake…not many of the parents realized it was an invite and thought it was their child’s artwork. Just in the nick of time, Sangeeta reached out to me and I was so very lucky to have her create this custom invite! Isn’t it soooo pretty!!!
Visit Paper Couture online {here}
(Please note I did modify the bottom of the invite to keep my personal details private)
She then created these lovely thank you tags which I just adore:) She gave me five varieties to pick from. Thanks for a great experience Paper Couture, I know who to call the next time I need a custom invite:)
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the staff at Al Tamimi Stables for helping us host such a GREAT party! To my husband’s family for all of their help, my sister-in-law for face painting, to all of the children who attended Ruby’s party (and the parents). Ruby was so happy with all of her gifts, but most of all about her special day at what she calls ‘the zoo’. Ruby asked for three things this summer: a butterfly party theme, it had to be at a zoo, and she absolutely needed a pink ice cream cake with sprinkles! *Cringe* yes, what Ruby asks for, Ruby gets! Thanks to everyone who made it possible and so extraordinary:)

*Please note that our package was the ‘old package’ which has just been modified and updated on the site so you may find a few differences while looking through the package options.*

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    October 14, 2014 at 8:17 am (5 years ago)

    looks amazing. I have often wondered about this, will definitely have to do it for one of my 4 kids at some point!

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