Venue Review: *NEW* Chuck E Cheese @ Oud Metha

Ruby and I had the BEST day out together at the newly opened Chuck E Cheese- Oud Metha (near the American Hospital & Movenpick Hotel). We laughed so hard we shed tears, we smiled and we bonded. It was the PERFECT day! When she woke up the following day she was full of smiles recounting her special day at Chuck E Cheese, going over every last detail on how much fun she had! Again, yesterday afternoon she begged me if we could go back. If that isn’t a good sign, then I don’t know what is!
 “Guess who moved to town and brought his mischievous friends along with him? Chuck E. Cheese, the family games and dining centre that originated in the US in the 1970s, has arrived in Oud Metha and is on a mission to bring loads of fun and healthy activities to children across Dubai. Chuck E. Cheese Oud Metha sticks to a longstanding belief in building venues where a kid can be kid while parents kick back and let them do what theyre best at. After all, youre only young once – why not make the most of it!”

From the moment we parked our car, Ruby saw the beautifully revamped building and it was not hard to spot Chuck E! I had to keep her close to me as she was so excited she wanted to run off right for the building! As per the normal protocol across USA & Canada (she is quite the regular in Canada on our summer holiday trips) they stamp your child with a marking that can only be seen through black light. This is to ensure the child is taken home with the right parent/adult and no one sneaks out! Always a nice reassurance for your modern day anxiety stricken parent:)
This facility is a whopping two stories high, a plethora of natural lighting seeping into the venue. They have floor to ceiling windows on one half of the facility. It is nice and clean and a ton of games to choose from! I was so happy to see that each game only required ONE token. Not like in Canada where you have to jam the machine with several tokens to play a single game (no offence Chuck E Cheese in my home country). It made Ruby confident and happy that each time she earned a ticket from playing, it would go towards “buying” a prize from the prize counter.
Imagine…Ruby has already decided where she wants to have her party in October 2015!? Yes, she likes to plan ahead:) News to me! Chuck E. Cheese Oud Metha has the BIGGEST birthday party destination in UAE!

Ruby and I had a really nice time watching videos featuring Chuck E & his friends on the big screen. They even aired some beautiful Christmas carols! The lively on-stage dance performances by Chuck E. were a huge hit with all the kids. I think that song he sings is permanently embedded in my head! “Do the roll”! Ruby and I were always on edge WAITING! Why? Because after each dance, Chuck E throws a TON of tickets in the air for the kids to scramble and collect. More tickets = more things to collect from the prize counter:)

The dining options were your typical American joint food. Pizzas galore, which had that real North American flavor, all baked fresh in house. They had kiddie food options such as homemade chicken nuggets, french fries with orange slices. My only ONLY single suggestions for the ENTIRE venue is that they offer some more healthy food options for children. Such as organic juices instead of Capri Sun or sodas. I know it would probably take away from the overall American experience, but with the amount of child obesity in this region I think it is something important to take into account.

Chuck E Cheese is HIGHLY recommended from this Mommy to YOU! Ruby and I couldn’t have picked a better place to spend our girls day out together! We even had a little keepsake to take home from the “Fun House Morph” photo booth. What a real laugh! It truly does stand up to it’s saying “Where a kid can be a kid” & “Where an adult can be a kid without people looking at me like I am coocoo”.
(Ruby’s happy/angry face as she had to leave her favourite place on Earth)
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4 Comments on Venue Review: *NEW* Chuck E Cheese @ Oud Metha

  1. Anonymous
    December 23, 2014 at 11:26 am (5 years ago)

    Who doesn't love Chuck E.Cheese, great place for adults and kids I actually like there pizza and they have a white chocolate almond cake that is so good.

  2. Andybell
    December 24, 2014 at 8:31 am (5 years ago)

    Amazing service and great place to amuse whole family. Unique concept of fun day out with family or friends and enjoy food, games and different activities side by side. I have been to Chuck E Cheese's in Canada, but Oud Metha branch in Dubai is really fantastic as they are serving more options for salads and have huge space for different activities. I also appreciated the instant sanitizer facility everywhere inside Chuck E Cheese's.

    I recommend everyone to visit this place at-least once a month.

  3. Nitin Dhavse
    December 24, 2014 at 9:40 am (5 years ago)

    Great review. Good job. It seems like a very child-friendly restaurant. My kids have been very excited about the new Chuck-e-Cheese which opened in Oud Metha. Will surely take them this Christmas and New Year for the party.

  4. Parul Ghalout
    January 6, 2015 at 1:10 pm (5 years ago)

    I have been to Chuck E. Cheese newly opened branch in Oud Metha. I really liked this place as the food is pretty good, and the salad bar always looks clean and filled. The staff is always welcoming and the manager is always taking care of the place, walking around asking if everyone is ok, he fixes game quickly and reloads tickets, and really cares about the place. I'm even thinking of having my sons 3rd Birthday party there. My son loves his place!!

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