Thank you Philips!

Prior to the holidays I received this extraordinary early Christmas present from Philips!
Here is what arrived in my care package: 
-Satinelle epilator
-Essential care airstyle (ionic) 800W
-Philips care straight&curl straightener
My ultimate FAVOURITE is the “Airstyler”. This is an absolute lifesaver for me. After I shower, I am always in a rush worried one of the kids is crying for me, I barely have time to pass a brush through my hair. This tool cuts the drying time on my hair in half (yes it does also help that half my head is shaved haha)! It is a brush and blow dryer in one. The coolest thing, is that you don’t need to balance a brush in one hand and a dryer in the other. It comes attached all together creating 4 in 1 versatile looks. The paddle straightening brush is what I use until my hair becomes semi dry, then I switch to the round bristle brush for a nice smooth wavy finished look. This is a MUST have for any mother or expecting mother!
The epilator was interesting to use. I am usually one to get my legs waxed, but this is a great in betweener tool to use. Yes…for a BUSY mom:) It was not as painful as I imagined it to be and I was able to get the job done in a jiffy, even with my little guy sitting next to me watching what the heck I was doing.
I have used my fair share of straighteners through the years. Starting back in 2001 with a horrible Conair straightener. It was all they had back then. You had to fill a little compartment with water, letting it warm up and get all steamy. I may as well have used an actual iron on my head (which I did…my poor dad was the one who would help me haha). Fast forward 14 years later and it is incredible what they have on the market. I highly recommend this lightweight straight&curl straightener. It is 2x more caring to your hair, can quickly create waves and soft curls with it’s curved plates, it shines and conditions your hair with ionic conditioning and best of all it is sold at a really affordable price.

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