How to Swaddle in 10 Easy Steps

It seems like lately everyone I know is having babies! Some for the first time and some for the third! The topic of swaddling has come up several times! Mostly “did you swaddle your babies?”
I thought it would be fitting to dig through my archive of “future posts” and put this one together. Back in the summer of 2013 I wanted to share these step by step photos with you but life got crazy; being a mom and juggling a family (you know how it is). I got side tracked!
So one year later I present you my perfect swaddling approach that I learnt from the video below. It works like a CHARM! My friends and family thought I was a nut doing the Dr. Harvey Karp “shhhing” technique. But man, it worked SO well I didn’t care how crazy I looked/sounded so long as baby was happy and fingers crossed sleeping!
I actually first picked up the idea of swaddling from a local Emirati lady so she deserves all the credit! It’s been over 4 years and I will never forget her to this day. I was in Marks and Spencer looking for tummy tucking old lady underwear for my midriff area (after having Ruby it was not something I was proud of!) Ruby was cranky and crying in her stroller. The Emirati lady came over and ever so gently with a little pull this way and that way and a final smooth down of her blanket, she had Ruby wrapped up like a little cozy, happy, cocoon. I couldn’t believe it! She told me this is a practice they have been doing for many years. I was almost in tears and  to top it off, she even helped me pick out some great form fitting underpants to reduce my rolls (thank goodness I didn’t get any of those with Nate). Bless her!
My cutie pie Nate at about 4 months of age:( No Corrine you will not have another baby
 My favourite blanket to swaddle with! And NO this is not a paid advertisement I swear!
1) Lay out your square shaped blanket and fold one side down like this:
2) Place baby in the center of blanket
3) Place his/her arm straight on his side and fold over the first corner
4) Tuck the folded piece securely under babies side. You are now left with a flap of fabric at the feet and one free arm.
5) Fold up the loose fabric from feet and place on chest neatly
6) This is the trickiest part! Practice makes perfect! Holding the folded fabric from the first two techniques you learnt, keep your babies arm in place nicely next to their side. Using your free hand, wrap the fabric over the shoulder of the baby making sure it is taught. When you reach the armpit area you are going to press down using your index finger and now take that fabric and pull it over the babies arm. It will make a nice little triangular shape once it is folded over.
 7) Pull the fabric straight across to the other side 
                        8) Gently pull it through the back of your baby (making sure you do not have any uncomfortable creases-the smoother the better)
 9) With the last bit of fabric, tuck it into one of the openings near the chest (pending how far your fabric stretches)
10) Voila! You want it to be nice and tight, but not overly constricting to the leg area as there have been some new recent studies that suggest to make it looser as depicted in my photos below.

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  1. Couper Upton
    February 10, 2015 at 8:55 pm (4 years ago)

    Good to know for next time 😉 Love the post!

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