Review: T.G.I Friday’s @Dubai Mall 2nd Floor

This newly renovated American eatery has recently reopened their doors at their flagship restaurant on the 2nd level of The Dubai Mall. With 30 new additions to their menu there is surely something to feed all appetites. The view from the restaurant is one of the best I have seen. A panoramic view of Downtown Dubai. You are literally up close and personal with the Burj Khalifa/fountain show and can practically people watch folks that are having some R&R at the Address Hotel. The modern/industrial feel inside with it’s quirky artwork makes it a fun spot to sit back & eat, with a nice laid back vibe.
With all of those fantastic offerings I must say they are really lacking some major points in service and that “personal touch” which is often so hard to find in this city. I was invited to a media event which the kids and I were quite thrilled about. We had the opportunity to order anything from their menu and sample the dishes of our choice. We snagged a booth on a bit of upper level area. Thankfully the benches and table were movable so I could push the table closer to Nate (both table and benches were really high-I knew we should have stuck to a low rise spot instead but the kids liked it…)
After pondering over the menu for quite some time I finally decided on our order, should not have taken me that long because I love Tex Mex chicken quesadillas and knew I would be ordering them even before I stepped foot into the restaurant.
A bottle of still water for the kids and I + one glass with ice. Along with two apple juices for the kids (came with their meal). Shortly after our drinks arrived, the glass that was supposed to be filled with ice was not. Oh well, it happens- I didn’t really bat an eye. The kids liked their juice, but I found it too sugary and artificial tasting. Could be something they could tap into (a more natural option).

Nate started getting really restless and wanted to color after he spotted a pen. He was scribbling all over napkins, which is when I asked our server if they had any children’s packs or coloring supplies (they should automatically do this when they see a family entering with small children). This restaurant could make for the perfect family outing but they are missing out big time on catering to the tiny crowd. We were provided with 3 random crayons and a white sheet of A4 paper… The facility is so big they could even put in a tiny crèche in a corner where the kids can play while the adults dine.

We finally got around to placing our main order. Yes you guessed it, chicken quesadillas for moi! No appetizer as I just wasn’t feeling that hungry for whatever strange reason (maybe nerves, I always get like this at events). I ordered two different kids meals. Which by the way, I had to prompt the waiter 1-2 times if they had a child menu and he brought out a pretty rough for wear menu card that looked well used. Chicken fingers for Ruby and fish fingers for Nate (I split the chicken/fish half and half between them). Instead of the regular fries that come with the meal I asked for sweet potato fries. The fried beans looked like something that would be of interest to my kiddos so I added that to our tab. The waiter and I confirmed that we would have the kids meals out first since they are made the fastest. He went over our order and we were all set to eat.

My chicken quesadillas came out first…and almost 5-10 minutes later the kids meals. No sweet potato fries and they totally forgot about our beans which I didn’t even bother asking for again. When I told them about the fries they brought out a single portion in replacement. 

The food was not bad. The chicken fingers and fish fingers were a hit. The fries seemed to be keeping the kids busy chomping away. My quesadillas were your average Tex Mex quesadillas. The guacamole was not as fresh to my liking but the rest of the toppings were a great add on.

 I know the servers were busy with loads of people ordering but it was not a full house. I wonder what it would be like on a weekend when it is packed…
 Call :04 330 8084 / 04-330-8396


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  1. Bilna Sandeep
    February 12, 2015 at 8:13 am (6 years ago)

    That's a nice review. Would love to check out this place 🙂

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