My Fantabulous Weekend Staycation

I am so sad the weekend is over. I just spent the most glorious two days with Ruby & Nate at {The Park Hyatt Dubai}. All thanks to Garnier and the launch of their product range “Ultra Doux” which has finally hit the shores of GCC! I recently discovered that many women grew up using Ultra Doux as children in various parts of the world, prominently Lebanon. And let me say, those Lebanese women all have phenomenal hair! I wonder if that has played any role in it?
“Do you remember the beautifully soft, touchable, bouncy hair you had as a child?
Well, now you can have hair like that again with Garnier’s fabulous new Ultra Doux hair care range. Precious, natural blends of handpicked ingredients sourced from plants nourish your hair, strengthening fragile strands prone to breakages, leaving them stronger, shinier, and super soft. After all, it’s what the name stands for – Ultra Doux means Ultra Soft! It’s all about softness and the promise of hair that’s beautifully silky, touchably soft and full of shiny vitality, like that of a child.”
“Ultra Doux’s secret lies in the precious, natural blend of two or more ingredients in each hair care product. They harmoniously combine to effectively meet the needs of different hair types, taking care of the most challenging and complicated problems ranging from split ends to dry, stressed, damaged hair. Just leave it to Garnier Ultra Doux’s natural goodness to take care of every major hair problem. What’s more, most Ultra Doux formulas are silicon and paraben-free, so they’re safe and gentle to use.”
We arrived at the picture perfect Park Hyatt early morning on Friday. The children were well taken care of outside in the garden where they painted pots and planted herbs and flowers (which we got to take home). I was whisked away for a spa treatment at {Amara Spa}. By far one of my new favourite spas! The lady who did my treatment was named Aun from Thailand. She was superb! My body was polished and cleansed with natural seasalt and olive oil blend, followed by a spirulina body wrap. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and desperately needed some TLC so this totally was well appreciated.
Garnier introduced us to their fab new range created especially for this region. They spent many years studying the habits of women from this region and how they take care of their hair. Many of them using natural products at home. Mixing avocado, olive oil, honey and other various ingredients found in the kitchen. Garnier wanted to incorporate these ingredients to make it readily available for all women and save us time. The end result is beautiful.

The 5 new products include:
  1. Avocado Oil and Shea Butter blend revives the most dry, damaged, rough and frizzy hair with gorgeously visible results. Rich nourishing vitamins and proteins in avocado oil, as well as its folic acid, copper and iron go deeper down to nourish hair from the roots while adding intense protection and shine. When combined with the goodness of Shea Butter, a deeply moisturizing and healing natural conditioner rich in vitamin E, the two natural ingredients work wonders! Even the most dry hair is restored to a bouncy, shiny softness that gleams with absolute health.
  2. Honey Treasure blends Propolis with Royal Jelly and Honey to nurture and repair fragile and breaking hair.
  3. Five Plants contains the gentle healing goodness of Green Tea, Eucalyptus, Nettle, Verbena and Lemon for normal hair types that lack vitality.
  4. Provence Heritage blends traditional Olive Oil with antioxidant-rich Rosemary for healthy growth and shine.
  5. Citrus and Clay is a fresh, active blend that effectively treats excess grease.
  6. Argan and Camelia Oil offers a gently indulgent ritual to nurture and repair dry and dull hair.

We were gifted the whole range and one by one I have been trying them. So far the honey made with royal jelly and propolis is working wonders for my distressed hair. I couldn’t be happier with our new outdoor picnic set too. I have wanted one my whole life! I don’t know how many times I have hinted to my husband to buy one for a special celebration:) I can’t wait to take the kids to a lush green park, pack up some healthy and delicious food and all sit around a big gingham blanket enjoying the last of the cool breeze before summer begins. Of course my hair will be blowing in the wind and smelling all pretty from the new Ultra Doux range haha.
We headed back to our room for some R&R mid day. The kids were in heaven watching all the boats and yachts from our waterfront view room. The weather was just perfect, not too hot or too cold. We sat outside and had some laughs and then of course the kids needed to try the gigantic soaker tub in our room. Ruby kept asking me if this was our new home and how much she liked it.
 We had a spot of lunch with the 10 other women and their children who joined in for our special weekend. Ruby made the most adorable friend. The two girls were like long lost pals. They made the prettiest dazzling headbands I have ever seen. I was SO happy when Nate picked out a few items from the treasure trove the {Transformers Dubai Events Team} had laid out. I got to take home a special headband too. I am saving it for the day I return back to Ibiza haha.
How cute are all these kids posing for Garnier? It was such a special weekend for so many reasons. I was given some much deserved pampering, my children were taken care of while I was completely stress free. We had all our meals provided, again one less stress. Hair and makeup team available throughout the day. I truly felt like a celebrity. We spent part of our afternoon outdoors experiencing a picnic themed day while the kids nibbled on Garnier inspired popcorn and candy floss. I met some really wonderful women and Ruby made two new really sweet friends. Unfortunately one of them lives in Lebanon:(
Which means we must add Beirut to our family bucket list!
Thank you once again Garnier for a spectacular weekend and introducing my family to your great new range of Ultra Doux products. This is a lasting memory I will cherish forever. I have never spent a weekend alone at a hotel with my kids being there. It was a treat for all of us. Not saying I didn’t want my husband there, but it was just nice to have that Mommy & children bonding time if you know what I’m sayin’!
Imagine…my kids did not want to go home they enjoyed their time and stay that much!. Ruby had an exorcist style breakdown while we left our hotel room on route to the lobby. Poor thing…

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