An Emotional Discovery

 I am overcome with emotion writing this blog post. Not because of the findings, but because of who discovered the findings. Thank you dear Dr. Medhat!

You may recall a few months back the review I shared on Nate’s visit to {MyPediaClinic} with Dr.Medhat? He performed a very quick eye test with a special non-invasive machine. A computerized vision screening machine to check his eyes.

(Picture taken from my review in January 2015)
If it was not for Dr. Medhat, Nate’s eyesight would have gone undetected for years. This simple machine alerted us of Nate’s vision and the possibility of him needing glasses. At first it all seemed like a joke, how could something so small and quick be able to give one so much information? 
I beg you to do your family one favour. Book your child an appointment to have their vision screened. This is by no means a paid advertisement in fact I am getting nothing from this. I just want you to have healthy and happy children.
Imagine for two years, Nate has suffered from seeing like the rest of us. His prescription is +4 far sighted! And I would have NEVER have guessed or even have known. I wonder how he would have struggled at school in years to come? The under development of his eyes and how this would have shaped him for his future? You don’t realize how important and crucial your eyes are until you are actually affected by it.I can’t thank Dr. Medhat enough for his help and keeping my little boy protected.
 At birth, Nate was slightly cross eyed, with time it corrected itself. However Dr. Medhat did mention to keep an eye on it as it still showed to be very slightly present. At our doctors visit this past week in Austria, the optometrist confirmed this finding. She informed us that with the use of eye glasses, it will in fact help to protect Nate’s eyes and prevent future cross eye occurrence returning. Did you know that the typical age for a child to become cross eyed is at 5? I was just as shocked to hear this too! That is why I think this test that Dr.Medhat does should be performed on every child and made mandatory.
Here is my fella in his new glasses:( they are extra nerdy but they are the best pair for staying put on his face. They have a nose grip and the arms of the glasses wrap around his ears. I wonder how tricky it is going to be to get him used to them! We had his prescription filled in Austria and purchased his glasses at a specialty store in the city of Vienna. I am sure you can find something similar in Dubai too!

Alright that’s all from me! Don’t forget to make an appointment!! The test literally takes seconds! And these seconds can save years of poor vision and development with your precious gems.



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